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  1. I actually can record, i tryed, it's a bit laggy for me but on video goes 60 fps
  2. I knew that it's -1 from you, no worries , anyways i was never having sprint bind
  3. In-Game name: [UC]deadlyshot AKA-s : [UC]JackDaniels, [LF]Lucifer English skills : -Talking - 9/10 -Understanding - 10/10 About me: Well i'm a 16 year old "Kid", I've been playing LS-SW for around 2 or 3 years now.I was admin on other servers and now i want to be an admin here too to help other admins about busting hackers.I'm not that active but when i get home i'm on PC around 5-6 hours.I'm from Croatia, and i know Croatian and English. Why i want to become a part of admin team: Well admin team is good to me and i really want to remove all the hackers on server.The most important reason is that I'm active when most of admins aren't. I though that I could help all of by removing some hackers, To be honest I'm annoyed cause I have to go to discord to call some admin to ban "Cheater". Admin expiriance: I was admin on other DM servers that i won't promote here.Right now i can't record but before I was recording proofs. Knowledge about hacks: There is alot of hacks, maybe i don't know them all, but mostly used hacks are : Silent Aimbot, s0beit, WallHack,TP-Hack and others. SS of my IG stats: https://imgur.com/a/WeibHtC And to mention something: I don't have UCP reports, cause I'm mostly reporting on discord or in-game. My discord: deadlyshot#5545 I wish i get in admin team so i can help other admins Maybe i won't get accepted but I'm losing nothing if i try
  4. Well i'm really sorry, I've dueled you couple times, you didn't even hit me once, for now -1 , improve your skills
  5. Could you give me your discord game so i can duel you to see your skills For now Pending
  6. I would really like to duel you , when you got free time? , and i would like to know your discord id cause i ain't that actice on forums
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