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  1. Everything was wierd for me cause i was recording and my PC was lagging xd
  2. Update of stats : https://imgur.com/a/MvV0vLJ
  3. It was wierd for me cause i did it first time xd, and i was rapiding pretty fast back in time xd
  4. My aim went to right in 1 sec but i wasn't even looking there
  5. [UC]deadlyshot

    Some Duel

    Holy moly, I just found this in old vids on YT, Already 2 years passed and i'm still on LS-SW, i remember that i was almost banned cause of this last shot xd @Rami. Was lagging and I wanted to duel him so hard , but yeah, i was prooving that I'm clean in good old days https://youtu.be/z5QyXYISo_0
  6. +1 to all, sometimes i got no ammo in arena, and i have to spend credits on it , it's so anoying, and it's anoying to get killed by VIP who has full armour in an EVENT not on streets (VIP can have 2 full armours and i see it as unfair play) Make a full HP and Armour on spawn in arena
  7. Mention your current in-game nick: cKm42O Mention your AKAs (alternate accounts) if you have any in the server: [LF]Lucifer, deagleE Post the screenshots of your in-game stats (use /stats command) + your (complete) User Control Panel (UCP) profile page: https://imgur.com/a/mzoOLEb (In here is and UCP and /stats in game) Mention your country: Croatia Mention your gender: Male Mention your age: almost 17 Mention your native language:Croatian Apart from the native language, do you understand/speak any other language(s) as well? If so, mention here all: a litle bit of German Mention your daily activity (playtime per day) in the server: sometimes more than 5 hours, but sometimes 2-3 Do you use C-Bug? Ofc i do Rate yourself (from a scale of 0 to 10) on the following: C-Bug (if you answered yes above 8/10 Deagle: 9/10 Shotgun: 8/10 Combat Shotgun: 8/10 M4 / AK-47: 7/10 SMG: 6/10 Sniper: 8/10 Mention only one weapon at which you are really good at (you will receive a rank/role regarding that weapon if you get accepted in our clan deagle What's your best or longest spree (kill streak) in the server (if available, post a screenshot of that)? I'm not sure, it was around 25? Rate your English skills (from a scale of 0 to 10) on the following: Speaking:9 /10 Reading: 10/10 Writing: 9/10 Mention the GPB's full form: Glen Park Bloods Mention the GPB's color: red (smth like blood) Mention the total number of current GPB members (including leaders, elders, normal members, but excluding trial members) : 37 or less i'm not totaly sure Mention the total number of current GPB leaders (including co-leaders & underboss) : 2 Mention the in-game nicks of GPB's leaders (leader, co-leader & underboss) : [GPB]Barney[nL] - [GPB]Blacky Mention the in-game nick of at least any five GPB members you are familiar with: [GPB]Godz1lla[nL], [GPB]mulii, [GPB]P4c , [GPB]Insca[nL] , [GPB]daniX[s37] Explain in a few words about the following ranks of the clan: 1. Duel Tester - The guy who is dueling you to see if you are good enough to join clan 2. Recruiter - The best killer in clan 3. Getaway Driver - Guy which runs without thinking about anything , expect of leaving alive 4. Deagler - The player that is best in clan with deagle • Do you completely understand and agree to all of the Server, Forums, and the clan rules? • If any (GPB) clan member wants to duel with you in-game, you must agree to do so. Do you agree? Why not, i'm doing even if I'm not in GPB xd • Apart from dueling with a (GPB) clan member, you must (officially) duel with one of the Duel Testers, either [GPB]K4i$eR or [GPB]Rockit to be accepted into the clan. Do you agree? Ofc • If you are caught violating any of the Server, Forums, or clan rules during or even after the trial period, you might be kicked from the clan (with or without notice). Do you agree? I agree • You must remain active in the server on a periodic basis. Being inactive for a very long time without any notice (more than 2 weeks) might result in a direct kick from the clan. Do you agree? for sure • You must give your vote/opinion on every GPB clan application on the Forums or else you might receive a warning/kick from the clan. Do you agree? I've already been doing it in UC • You must have a clean history in the server (that is, no kind of valid/fair bans, System/Strict warnings, strict actions taken against you, violation of any kind of server or Forums rule, etc.) to be accepted into the clan. Do you agree? I agree Have you ever been banned before here? If so, explain about it here (whether the ban was fair or not, the reason, responsible Admin's in-game nick, when it happened, and link to the ban appeal or its appeal ID) i was never banned, and It will stay like that cause i don't see point in hacking around If you are accepted into the clan, what would you like your name to be (with the clan tag; GPB)? [GPB]cKm42O Do you have any contact info (Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, etc.)? If so, mention one here (or if you want to keep it private, let us know that and we will ask you in a PM):Godzila has me on discord, If you need mine discord ask him for it, cause i'm changing names on discord alot xd Why do you want to join our clan OR why should we accept you in the clan? Explain in a few sentences. Well i would like to join GPB cause in there i've got friends and i've seen clan as very active. Anything else you want to share with us?: I know i got low ratio, but i'll try my hardest to fix it , I'm not UC anymore, but noone removed my UC role on forums, and i forgot how to change name on forums xd
  8. sorry cause i'm posting here , but @Habibstill didn't tell admins to remove my UC role on forums xd @xxplosiveCould you remove my role on forum xd
  9. +1 I think that you deserve chance in UC :)
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