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    Official by : Vlademir Gay

  2. VlademirLem

    misha meme

    my misha is more cheeki breeki
  3. VlademirLem

    misha meme

    Hi guyz, somebody like my misha meme ?
  4. VlademirLem


    I was thinking to add new maps without removing currently
  5. VlademirLem


    Hello guys I was thinking to add new maps in arena. How? With /arena will be opened tab. It Will looks like : number map players arena1 0/20 arena2 0/20 arena3 0/20 every arena will have his map, deagle shotgun ak 47 sniper will be weapons
  6. So... on some places will be vehicle shops. in their players can buy : cars,motorcycles and bikes their will have command with they can spawn his personal vehicle. i think every gta sa player have his favorite vehicle, if you find it you will die and you will lost him, if you buy it you will die but you will still have it with you
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