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  1. I give you a - rec If you want to be a clan member - Be patient Be active Be well behaved Follow the (server, clan, forum) rules And show us how bad you want to be in the clan by teaming up, showing off your best shot, be friendly
  2. One question about ''Why do you want to join the FBI'' ,i personally, wanted more than one answer. And i personally don't know you irl/ig.. so, i can't give my answer. But i like that you are active, that's at least what you wrote in this app. let's see about it later, if that's true.
  3. Note: About that responding to this topic you have to be an admin i didn't know and if i could i would delete this reply but i can't. So... my apologies. And about my opinion on this app, i take my words back
  4. Who is the Director of the FBI? - It's LtFletcher What does FBI stand for? - The FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation What is your in-game name? - Max Tomlinson How many hours do you average playing weekly? - It depends... if it's in holidays and i ain't going nowhere else, then it's 20-30 hours. If it's school day then it a lot more less... Who is the owner of the server? Also list two server admins. - The owner of this server is Faqahat - And two server admins Godz1lla, [BR]kzSo How long have you played LS-SW? - In this server i've been registered since 2017 but i started slowly sparingly playing in 2018 till nowadays. Describe yourself in a short paragraph using PROPER grammar and English. - I'm a regular guy who likes to play some high quality games that remains in my memory for the whole life (GTA SA, GTA 5, Matrix path of Neo, NFS Underground 2, GOW etc.) and having a good time. I'm very talkative person when it comes to writing but when i need to say something i become the King of Shyness. I like those people who knows what real friendship means and be trustworthy. How old are you? - I'm 17 In your own words, pick Three clan rules and describe them. 1. I must be respectful to all admins, clan members and regular players, who plays in this server. 2. I must follow the server rules and play fairly without any cheats/hacks. 3. If i'm playing in the Police or Army team and someone higher than me (superior) asks to switch to FBI then i'm doing that. Why do you want to join the FBI? - Because i know that they are super friendly, helps alot, answering to my question about what i dont understand and etc... Also i just want a grateful team, what i can work with and at the end be happy about it :). Also i want to know how it's like to be in this clan. Why should the FBI accept you? I've been palying in this server regularly I haven't used any cheats I have ''some'' skill at the shooting i'm a good teammate, who supports others by saying ''hi.. how's going'' Be a helper who likes to answer to other people questions I'm friendly (at least i'm trying to be) I have some friendly faces around that clan who likes to work in team with me. Rate yourself: Deagle : 8/10 Shotgun: 7/10 M4 : 8/10 Sniper : 6/10 C-bug : 6/10
  5. Sveiki! Šeit jūs varat apspriest visu Latviešu valodā
  6. Max Tomlinson


    Try to restart the wi-fi router. For me it worked.
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