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  1. I will tell you something bad. I gave up being FBI. You can reject this form.
  2. When it will be accept or deny
  3. FBI APPLICATION FORMAT You must answer all questions fully and honestly to be considered Good luck Who is the Director of the FBI? - LtFletcher What does FBI stand for? - Federal Bureau of Insvetigation What is your in-game name? - MerTR.Blood How many hours do you average playing weekly? - 20 hours or 25 hours Who is the owner of the server? Also list two server admins. - Faqahat (owner) - Godz1lla - Muli How long have you played LS-SW? - 20 hours 27 minutes 36 seconds Describe yourself in a short paragraph using PROPER grammar and English. - I like samp and i like lssw FBI i can do cbug but sometimes i cannot hit anybody i want FBI because i like this clan. I like computer games i played gta san andreas 5 years and i played football games pes 13, pes 17 and i played pubg mobile. FBI my favorite clan How old are you? - 18 In your own words, pick Three clan rules and describe them. - Don't curse -Don't cheat - Don't spoil the peace Why do you want to join the FBI? - It's my favorite clan, i like this clan Why should the FBI accept you? - Because i don't break rules, i'm good at c-bug, i don't curse and i don't spoil the peace. I like this clan. Rate yourself: Deagle : 7/10 Shotgun: 9/10 M4 : 8/10 Sniper : 6/10 C-bug : 7/10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although C-bug is not an absolute requirement, it is an essential skill that if you are good at will boost your chances of being accepted into the agency. If you are accepted into the FBI, you MUST change your username to [FBI]username here If you are dishonest on this application, you will not be allowed to re-apply for 2 months. You may apply a maximum of 5 times if your application is rejected.
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