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  1. + who is the Director of the FBI? - Fletcher +What does FBI stand for? -Federal Bureau Of Investigation +what is your in-game name? -diegoooooohhxd +How many hours do you average playing weekly? -arround 20 hours +Who is the owner of the server? Also list two server admins - Faqahat (owner) - Muli - GriFFin +How long have you player LS-SW? -One year +Describe yourself in a short paragraph using PROPER grammar and English. -l am 18 years old man and l like video games since l was a child. l player gta san andreas and then l started playing samp in 2018. l am a person with pleasure to video games. the games that l like are gears of wars,left of dead,call of duty and others GTA games ETC. and l love playing soccer +How old are you? - 18 +In your own words , pick thee clan rules and describe them. -We can play only as police and army when in game -We should listen to commands of leader -When leader calls us to get back at our team we should do it right away +Why do you want to join the FBI? -l want to see how it is to play at a clan +Why should the FBI accept you? -Because i am going to respect the rules of the clan and the server l love playing samp and respect the server
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