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  1. Soph

    Replacing the M4.

    one guy named xWarriz (i think), he bought camouflage and he drove seasparrow and he hates BR members or something, souken saw him, he all the time was following me with camouflage, with seasparrow and when the seasparrow will be exploit, he repair it, all the time, he didn't let me play, i was dieing in 3 seconds when he was shotting me, isn't really funny can't play bcuz a seasparrow (invisible and indestructible) is following you all the time. And if you haven't lived it, believe me, it's a real problem
  2. Soph

    another mini frag <3

    it took me 3 hours edited it, its not too much but i think yes for a 43 secs video xD
  3. Soph

    another mini frag <3

  4. Soph

    Mini frag by me c:

  5. Those reasons and I'll add; liar. Last year you applied for 3 clans in 1 month, with different ages for each one; 17, 16 and 15. I can't trust in you
  6. GMT -6 I don't play at a specific time but, after 10:00 p.m. I'm probably connected (in my time zone)
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