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  1. Goz1lla I do not say that my CBUG is good, but the game goes to 50 40 FPS. Thank you I will try to improve
  2. I will follow your capture advice
  3. What is your In-Game name ? : [LPH]tach.466 Do you have multiple accounts ? : No. What does UC stand for ? : United Crime Family When UC Clan got created ? : January 28, 2018 Who is UC's Founder ? : GriFFin Who is UC's Leader ? : Godz1lla Who is UC's Underboss ? : Dunne Name a few of UC members : - [UC]Esmouk - [UC]Aeon[CE] - [UC]navii Name at least 3 Server Admins : - [GPB]taduu - [BR]Santi[CE] - SpaceOg Where are you from ? : Argentina What is your native languange ? : Spanish How old are you ? : 14 What is your gender? [Male/Female] : male Do u have Discord or Whatsapp ? : Yes Discord: [LPH]tach.466 #8730 What's your daily activity ? [hour/s] : 1 or 3 hours a day How long have you been playing SAMP ? : 3 years Since when do you play in Los Santos Street Wars ? : I have been active for a month, but I knew the server a long time ago Why do you want to join the clan ? : I want to belong to this clan because it caught my attention, My intention is to have a good time and what more than good that with a group of colleagues who are from your same clan, I have also seen the members of the clan very active and friendly. Why should we accept you ? [50 words] : First of all I believe that I fulfill all the requirements that are requested. I am a 14 year old boy, who just wants to have fun in the game and looking for friends to establish a friendship. I think that if I join the clan, I can make nice, respectful, funny friends, etc. Explain in your words about our 4 clan rules : - Do not attack or insult other clan members. - Respect your superiors - Respect other clans - Be a fair player. Do not use any type of trap to your advantage Have you been banned in the past ? [If yes, for what?] : If they gave me ADV on January 17, 2020, of course, the administrator who banned me was SpaceOg https://prntscr.com/qpuwv9 https://prntscr.com/qpuy8r Post a screenshot of your game stats (/stats) : https://prntscr.com/qpuyir Post a screenshot of your strict warns (/mywarns) : https://prntscr.com/qpuyz9 Do you have headphones and mic and if yes, are you willing to talk with other clan members ? : microphone no, headphones yes but the microphone does not work You must duel with UC Members when they ask for it. Do you agree to do so ? : If i have no problem What will you do if someone is using [UC] Tag ? [He/she isn't U.C Clan Members] : I immediately report the case for action to be taken If u has been accepted, what will be your name ? : [UC] ... [UC]tach.466 Rate yourself using: Bad, Regular, Good or Excellent : Deagle : Good Combat shotgun : Good M4 : Good Sniper : Good cBug : Good English: Regular ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything I have filled in has been carried out truthfully. [Yes/No] : Yes
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