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  1. I don't know when the system gave me the warning, since I don't remember when I jumped, but when I checked my profile on the dashboard I saw that it had two warnings, when they only gave me one, when I checked what other warning it was, it was the system that gave it to me it gave.
  2. Hello everyone, I am not very clear where to put this situation, but I think it is here, well, I will comment: The system gave me a Speed / Fly Hacks warning, I think it failed, do not use any type of Speed Hack And I don't think it was because of my Fps because my maximum was 70 fps. My skills are not good but I never used cheating, either with cleos or another trick to improve my skills.
  3. You seem like a good player and I would like you to join +1
  4. Very good application, I did not see your skills in the game Pending ....
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