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  1. My pro bro, welcome to here. I hope we will enjoy much here as we did in other server. I know your pro skills and so you can increase your scores/stats easily in this server as well....Good Luck Bro
  2. Turjela.


    1.20 .... Revenge will be taken Good video
  3. Some of you guys used negative vote. I respect your opinions but I think this suggestion would be so useful for all players. This is so simple thing and no need to add as VIP feature. Also When I suggested faqahat in game, he also told me ''I will think about that''. As I said guys, it is so simple thing and no need to see it as a big thing. Thank you for your votes anyway @Faqahat
  4. Hello guys, As you know we can't set the time as we want. Some admins set the night time, some admins set the day time and sometimes it doesn't be good for players because all players don't like to play at night time or all players don't like to play in the day time. So I'm sure it will be great if there would be /day /night command for everyone, so all players can play at the time which they want.
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