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  1. Please use the new format found here: Link
  2. perkys


    but like 10 credits isnt really anything if noobs want to turf they will be probally killed in 5mins and if player with higher credit count turf the credits dosent matter anyway. I think it could be more beneficial to reduce the time and maybe even raise the reward.
  3. Its possible to cheat with SAMPCAC anyway and spliting the already low playerbase into Regular DM / CopChase / Arena and a new SAMPCAC arena would lead to everything being kinda low on players which i dont think would benefit the server. -1
  4. Ive never seen u ingame before u rlly play?
  5. gayzilla

    1. Godz1lla


      pergays ❤️

  6. Please try this: How to create a ban appeal
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