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  1. perkys

    ryull's Re-app

    Pending. I wouldve liked to see some more text in "Tell us why you want to join us" and "Tell us why we should accept you" to get a little more indepth so we can know and understand you better. Maybe edit that in. And did you agree to duel taduu or not...
  2. perkys

    Outplay :V

    looks cool
  3. perkys


    I dont think thats necessary and if you want to open up your own official Gang/Clan its possible if you message @Faqahat. Besides that 100k Credits dosent seem possible as normal GTA Cash isnt an option for purchases.
  4. perkys


    cool bro
  5. If it says "You are banned from the Server" in the chat try restarting your SA:MP Launcher and restart your Router to try fix the problem with Proxy IP.
  6. Im not sure why u get kicked you have to wait for Faqahat maybe he can help you out more there Here is a Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/CDtfVK
  7. Try restarting your SA:MP Launcher.
  8. You can create an ban appeal here: ls-sw.net/banappeals.php
  9. Maybe read this Thread and this one too
  10. You have applied for BR not long ago but you are skilled and i like you so +1
  11. Player is banned now anyway
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