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  1. Zelox

    lssw 2

    Well played
  2. Welcome to the community,enjoy your stay here. Don't forget to read rules^^
  3. Zelox

    H4mza[aL] GPB

    1+ This guy is really skilled,highly recommended,he is active from now on since he passed exams period.Also he shew his interest to be part of the team. Good luck!
  4. Teaming up with BRs,meanwhile fighting against GPB members just to take revenge on us cuz we negatively voted you , is not what this clan's about.There is no chance for you anyways since you got a pretty bad past.
  5. Pending,till i see your skills along with your behavior
  6. 1 + 2+In case if you are vip 3 I suggest more spawn's places in arena,it'd be much better 4 Works fine for me 5+ 6 Nah,supposingly,someone was camping along with camouflage,so the killed player would surely get mad,and will get into spec mode so that he knows where is the camper at exactly.Further,ppl would death evade with it.
  7. Howdy, You must make a ban appeal . https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/3871-how-to-make-a-ban-appeal/
  8. I actually dont know this command,i mean i have never seen such commands. Most likely,this command is only used by Cops and Robbers servers,i dont think its really good. In my opinion;its really bad,supposingly,u were fighting with someone or bunch of people,suddenly you get dead by this command,how would you feel,surely mad. So yeah -1. P.S: I didnt get the suggestion well.
  9. Just cus i was having fps drops while recording,although if we meet in game,i'll surely duel you to recognize my real skills.
  10. Been playing yesterday for around 7 hours(also former days),the problem is we have different timezones,i promise you to meet each other in game.Anyways thanks for voting. P.S: my timezone's +1 Thank you!
  11. No problem,since this is your final vote,i appreciate it. Thanks for voting.
  12. Thats what y'all thinkin,the main reason which encouraged me to make an application is that i got some friendly people,plus whose have approximately same skills as mine. Anyways thanks for voting Thank you!
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