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  1. no worries hommie thank u for your vote
  2. thank you thank youu
  3. Thank u for your vote! i wont disappoint anyone!
  4. I will find u broo
  5. thank you for your vote broo!! we played and practiced alot with u, in my first app my ratio was lower and u voted +1 when u see me getting better. I dont see a reason to be hard like that but thank you anyways bro
  6. Well we play with you too much before you were accepted in GPB. Are you sure about that? :DDD
  7. Is there any reason for "pending"? bcz i can change your mind
  8. What is your In-game Name: ryull What does GPB stand for?: Glen Park Bloods Who is the GPB Leader: Barney Who is the GPB Co-Leader: Blacky How many members does GPB have [GPB's Members log]: 40 Members and 2 Trial i guess? Name at least 5 GPB members you are familiar with: [GPB]insca - [GPB]taduu - [GPB]mulii - [GPB]dogistyle - [GPB]godzilla How old are you: 21 Are you a male or a female: Male Where are you from: Mersin/Turkey Tell us some GPB rules: 1. You must not ask the clan members for any (positive) votes. 2. You must not have any issues with any of our clan members. 3. Do not apply for another clan while you have an active/pending application for our clan. What's your Discord? [No Discord no Accept]: ryull#0360 (i can share my phone number + social media ) What would you do if you saw someone using the [GPB] tag while no administrators online? [This person is not in the GPB Family]: i will report him and i will check admins on discord. What's your daily activity on the server[Per Day]: 1 hour to 4 hour, and times will be changed Do you use C-bug? [Yes/No]: Yes Tell us why you want to join us [50 Words]: I want to take a part in this family. I like u guys alot and i want to play under this clan's tag. Tell us why should we accept you [50 Words]: Well actually im kind and friendly. I like to chat with others and i can be very helpful about anything u guys want, i can write a letter in here but i dont think that this is needed. Some of u guys knows me in game. And i dont think that im a toxic player. In this days there is a lot of toxic players and bad humans all around the game & world, u should take care of the good guys thats why u should accept me:) How long have you been playing on our server for: 2 month i guess You must duel [GPB]taduu to be accepted. Do you you agree? [Yes/No]: this bish probably get me in the duels XD(YES) You must Vote on GPB Applications on forums or else you'll be warned. Do you agree? [Yes/No]: Yes Please show us a screenshot of your stats on the server [/stats]: https://imgur.com/ylWgDU5 Please show us a screenshot of your account warnings [/mywarns]: https://imgur.com/9zOncp7 If you are accepted, you'll be on a 1 month trial propation. Notice that [GPB]Barney and [GPB]Blacky can kick you if you do not follow the Clan Rules. Do you Agree? [Yes/No]: YES OFC Rate Yourself on a scale from 0 to 10: 6 Desert Eagle: 7/10 Shotgun: 7/10 Sniper: 7/10 M4: 5/10 C-Bug: 6/10 Rate your english on a scale from 0 to 10. Speaking: 5/10 Reading: 8/10 Writing: 8/10Mention only one weapon at which you are really good at (you will receive a rank/role regarding that weapon if you get accepted in our clan): DeagleWhich weapons are you really good at? (except the weapon mentioned in previous question): shotgun & sniperWhat would you like your name to be if you got accepted into our clan?[With GPB tag]: [GPB]ryull Anything Else You want to share with us? IM here to test my luck again. HAVE A GOOD DAY.
  9. Hey man, thank you for your vote! But we didnt played against eachother, actually we didnt even play too much together. I think you dont need to be hard like that, thx anyways
  10. We were online yesterday, i wish u say this yesterday :d I will find u in game bro!
  11. thank you for your vote and your helps in game. Youre one of the best guys in the server.
  12. I can make you sure that i will be loyal to this family. If i accepted i will follow the rules of this family and i will try to help other players in this team. Thank you so much for trusting me
  13. Im trying my best to prove that i will be loyal and skilled a bit. I hope we wil meet in game and i can earn your trust. Cant wait to play with u! thx for your comments.
  14. thank you for your kindly vote, is there any reason? i would like to hear that. After i know why you voted - i will try to improve myself.
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