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  1. Alternate accounts maybe [DDA]Pr3miuM_ i dont entirely remember. Stats https://imgur.com/cu84LHD Name changes and Warns https://imgur.com/caG1JnK For the warns, it was cause by a vehicle troll hacker. I killed him a couple of times and after that he just started teleporting and slapping us up into the air and across the map hence the anti cheat registering as hacks, it went on for about 2 - 3 days before he stopped coming back on the server. UCP reports https://imgur.com/Zwm2lmx i have about 15 reports, would have had more but had problems verifying my email. UCP stats https://imgur.com/zpjfZlS My name is Acheim Brown, I am 19 years of age and i am from Jamaica. I currently attend university studying computer science to become a software developer heading into my 3rd year now out of 4. I am the type of person to sit and play games all day if it were up to me, i play other games like Pubg, COD i used to play counterstrike back in the day but FIFA, but i mainly just play samp now because i just have a special love for it. I speak one language which is English and communicate with others really well i have no issues with communication. I play around 3 - 4 hours a day maybe even 5 when i have extra time. since lately i have been playing a maximum 5 or 6 a day seeing that i havent been moving much. I have been playing samp from around 2015 and i have started playing this server in the same year, I have played mainly only two servers which is this and uL 420 dayZ but took a little break because of school but now im back. I have a very good knowledge of cheats if i were to judge myself, I have been seeing the various hacks that these players use around the server which includes aimbot, teleport, vehicle troll, Auto cbug, speed hack, Rapid fire etc. but i know of more hacks that samp players in general use like, s0beit, weapon cheats, wallhack etc. SO for me, its really easy to identify a cheater, its like second nature to me. While i have been playing elsewhere i got familiar with more hacks that players use, each server is like a new learning experience when it comes to the type of hacks players use. If i am granted the opportunity to become an admin on the server, I am confident that i can and will do an excellent job, I have experienced and seen how hackers can irritate the players and cause them to leave for example about 2 nights ago i think, the server was crawling with cheaters and there were no admins on. The player count was about 35 and dropped to as little as 19 because of them. I have been an admin on 1 other server before for some time and i did my job fine, so i am kind of experienced in what to look for when it comes to spectating. I have been familiar with this server for quite some time and knows how the server operates, how the anti-cheat works commands , rules and gameplay overall. I have helped to get players banned already and its definitely worth the satisfaction of seeing the server cleaned of 1 more cheater and allow the rest of the players to enjoy themselves. Apart from the cheating aspect of things, I am a very kind and courteous person, I seek enjoyment in helping others its just a thing with me. Im the type of person to go out of my way to help someone with what ever they need help with. The main reason why i would like to become an admin here is because i can see how stressful it is for admins to deal with a high cheater count and for the most part, I play at hours where there are no admins in sight and when players are not following the rules like heliblading and car ramming and death evading. And it is generally annoying to have to try and play around the cheaters just to have a little fun but it doesnt always work out that way. A list of other hacks i can identify No reload Health refill Mega Jump Silent aim Lag.cs invisibility there are more but just cant remember all of them off the top of my head. Discord: Pr3miuM_#5932
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