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  1. He is interested and active, also he's not a player with bad behaviour and I think he deserves a chance, +1
  2. Pending, still wanna see a little breakthrough in cbug and skills. Otherwise a nice guy and active aswell.
  3. https://imgur.com/a/BsY8Uf0 I know I'm not quite active as I'm supposed to be, kinda busy irl for like 2 more weeks, then I'll start playing more
  4. Paragraph 1: Hello, my name is Mihael, I'm 18 (in 1 month 19 years old) and I live in Croatia. I can speak languages from Balkan, English, I also understand some basics from Spanish and Turkish... In-game nick: Mihael444 Gender: Male Discord: Mihael#9416 I'm playing samp since like 2010-2011 not sure tho, first I started with RP servers like a nub, then joined a strong community ( Mini Games Server ) which is skinhit, active since 2009. Then I quit it in 2013 and started no lifing RP. In 2015 I decided to play a/d lagshot, I played it till 2018. Now I'm back to skinhit, I'm a head administrator in that MG community, but also I wanna start my career here. I usually join here at night because count of players is better, and I find more fun then. Sadly I don't have any special qualities like editing videos or etc... I was never interested in it. Paragraph 2: I'm handy with Spas, which is my favorite weapon, but I'm also handy with rifle. Deagle: 7-8/10 Shotgun: 9/10 Sniper: 7/10 M4: 9/10 Spas: 9.5/10 Rifle: 9/10 C-bug accuracy: 8/10 I'd say, I have bad days sometimes idk why, but sometimes I rape everyone, depends. Paragraph 3: I haven't received any warnings or bans here so... My relation with BR members, hmm I had some words with herc, Yeahman and I was dueling Ale(I will post the video too below). I don't remember dueling other BR members, but for sure I see more skilled players than me here. Paragraph 4: Well, no one actually invited me here, but joining this clan would make me more active here, and it would bring me more fun. I kinda like the gamestyle of BR members and members seem cool to me. I guess that "theme of this clan" thing is that this clan wants to be different from others, idk somehow special. Attachments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBF7d-DXH7Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9XvsYNmoD0 I forgot to upload stats, here it is: https://imgur.com/a/VIPMMOd
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