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  1. I would like to bring you my support because I've known you for some times now, I know your friendly and your skills. I also find your application nice, it's clear for me good luck mate!
  2. I agree, you could make more efforts in my opinion, I wish you good luck anyways! I'll vote -1 for now, 1. You must have a minimum of 2.15 ratio or more.
  3. E I G H T


    Nice DeadShot you clearly improved your skills and seems like you have better reflex, keep it up mate! liked
  4. Why did you apply for BR first instead of GPB?
  5. Keep improving your skills as you did, otherswise you cool guy! +1, good luck
  6. E I G H T


    I like it, good idea!
  7. 1. You must have a minimum of 2.15 ratio or more.
  8. You seems a good guy for sure and you have some bases but I think you can improve your skills more. Pending too
  9. Good content, liked it(y)
  10. After have discussed and fought many times with you, I can say you are kind and skilled guy. I also find you active and mature and will give you my positive vote! Good luck dude, +1
  11. I never see you online you don't seem very motivated also your app is not complete and your ratio is too low. I think you're not ready yet sorry, nothing personal -1
  12. Yea indeed its done thanks, you can lock it guys.
  13. Evidences that you donated (screenshot): https://i59.servimg.com/u/f59/20/18/47/15/don_pr10.png Additional information (your in game name, shall we give it to someone else?): Username: Turjela.
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