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  1. I wrote some parts in English and I used the translator too, since I don't remember some words, but I can understand and communicate with other people
  2. Paragraph 1: Hello, my nickname in the game is "problems", I speak Spanish / English Male gender Argentina country Age: 17 My discord; problems # 8761 Well I have been playing samp almost 6/7 years ago, I started on a server similar to LS: SW, in LS: SW I played recently I did not plan to stay but I liked the server, an old community that I remember is "Los santos gang wars" Obviously it closed, from there I was in many DM's, until I decided to move to A / D, where I am now Well I understand a little pawno script, I also studied about ethical hacking, from now on I find myself using metasploit in Kali Linux, since it has many tools Paragraph 2: My skills I suppose are towards the deagle and the sniper, also spas 7/10 m4 7/10 In deagle I am rated 7/10, in sniper 8/10 My cbug is not so fast, since in lagshot that would not work, but I can improve it if I wanted to; cbug 8/10 Paragraph 3: My only experience with "ban" was a Space ID ban error, but no problems I get along pretty well with the BR's, I didn't meet all of them but I do like the ones I know I never had a fight against / towards a BR. Paragraph 4: I liked BR for not only its members but their playing skills. BR seems to me a good clan, not a "random" one, its organization among the members is very good too STATS LINK: https://imgur.com/M1Hameq PS: (SOON) I could not record anything these days, until I recovered my previous PC, for now I play on mac ... If you need any other information about me, you can ask me in discord if it suits you, mostly play A / D Lagshot, and now skinshot
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