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  1. I have been watching you working so hard, with your reports and improving.. deserves a chance! +1
  2. Good bye and good luck with your life!
  3. -No efforts in ur application. -Never seen you reportong on UCP. -Honestly you don't fit to be in. -1
  4. Well, honestly deserves to be back in +1
  5. Wanna see more reports from you on UCP, Pending!
  6. Difference is, you should us how experienced you really are.. it's not about calling an admin or not it's about how you catch a cheater by recording.. etc we need to see these kind of stuff from you, cuz rn we only saw words.. but we never seen an action tho, i hope to see some reports from you on UCP.
  7. Looking forward to see coming reports from u on UCP.
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