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  1. Paragraph 1 Hello, my name is juan, my ingame name is Nek1to, Im a new player in the server, im from colombia, i speak english and spanish (my native language) but i have decent communication skills so not need to worry about it, My discord is Nek1to#6828 , about personal information, im 21 years old, im a men, and im playing samp since 2012 in cnr, svt, cod, and many others gamemodes, actually i just play here and in cnr sv, and my rol is the leader of admin team there, about skills or qualities nop i really dont have nothing special there, im beginner in the video editing, but nothing special yet., Paragraph 2: i frecuent the server almost one hour every day, about the weapons / skill rate that i use; Cbug (8/10) Deagle (8/10) Combat shotgun (9/10) sniper (8/10) about my fav activities is enjoying the arena and mostly chilling with my friends there Paragraph 3: well im kinda new so i really didnt meet all of br members but i frecuent people / ask for duels like everyone that i see with the Br tag, mostly i play with ryder because is one of my friends there, also with other members (aeon <w<) but to be honest i really dont talk too much with them n.n only fight xD, The bans, i got one for aimbot (got unbanned of course because it was invalid and unprofessional) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QFstBoD7s0 and related about warnings only 1 because i used to play with 300+ fps because my gpu pc gives me the possibility but didnt knew that ur server got the rule about 110 fps, everything else in order. this is my in game stats, (i know i dont have much time in the sv but i really want 1 chance to prove that im ready for join there uwu) (score doesnt mean anything if you lack of skills btw) about duels, i just dueled with some members, and of course i recorded it cuz im scared of getting banned again so i record 24/7 xD there are some of them, and a lil fight 1 vs 4 : the video is muted in some parts due a problem with recorder settings (sorry) https://youtu.be/6cgIOh2FMns Paragraph 4: My main reason about joining BR is because your member Ryder, he is one of the most gud bois that i meet in samp and im always happy to enjoy and chill with him n.n also, seems like Br is a gud family and well some of the players that i have the pleasure to meet there have really good dm skills and seems a clan really strong and skilled so its my second reason about enjoying and improving more my skills with Br members and ofc supporting with turfs if needed. I prefered to attach ss / videos in the paragrahs according with the purpose of explaining everything gud, Thanks for taking the time to read all of my application, i will be waiting for votes and of course comments n.n, Sincerely Nek1to
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