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  1. It was formally announced about RS gold If they are in a position to set up a live ops team that is dedicated to generating MTX related content and delivering said content within a timeframe, why can't they upscale their core content group to supply the same level of content whilst retaining it inside the ETAs they mention to us. You understand why: money. The simple fact of the matter is, major content updates take a shitload of effort and usually don't create a great deal of cash. Comparatively, a little event with buyable money doesn't take much work and brings into a shitload of money. Just take this present Traveling Artisan event. Assuming $50/hr, that is ~$80,000 to develop this event. It costs about $40 in bonds to purchase all the cosmetics, and that is not including leveling the artisan up, IDK how mathematics works out but skimming the amounts it would probably be at least twice that, so let's say $80. That means just ~1000 gamers need to cover this event for it to be rewarding, and that is not even including the whales who'll purchase everything plus a dozen of each of those consumables, or even the many more who will set a few bonds to it but maybe not go all-in. It was formally announced about 3 weeks before release, so you know that it had been in development years before that. It attracted new resources, story development, etc.. Most likely this would have been several months of development having rather a huge team, but just to prove the point, let us say it costs exactly the same as the Artisan event to develop this quest. Unlike the previous example, it costs nothing for existing members to engage this content. The only way this makes money is if people return to the game and resubscribe to perform this. At $11/month for membership, you would need over 5000 gamers to resub in order for this to become rewarding. That is 5x the participation needed compared to OSRS buy gold some small MTX event, and this is based on earning new or bringing back returning subs - a thing considerably more difficult to perform than getting existing users to spend a little extra.
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