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  1. https://youtu.be/Ol2sD6Df3xA ))))))))
  2. Pending (but for what it's worth, I think you'd be a good addition)
  3. Deserves a chance, active at the right time of day +1
  4. A lot of his reports have been sent to me personally, he has the ability to record and knows how to bust cheats, and is active in the EU morning hours where it's surprisingly hard to find an admin on, he should be granted a chance. +1
  5. +1 amazing activity (also includes hours where most admins aren't online), knowledge of Spanish (which is more important than English on the server tbh), great dude overall
  6. @Dany report +1 deserves his admin level back (very active, chill, knowledgeable)
  7. On a sidenote, I wish I could turn off the "VIP" message every time I login
  8. I know you're good but I still need time to cast my vote. No doubt it will be a positive one
  9. Uruk

    LSSW | heartbeat

    https://youtu.be/h6woWZVlqsg chill edit, mediocre frags watch in 1440p
  10. skilled, cool, friendly, +1, gl!
  11. Sorry, but we don't accept Evolve RP players хххххх, +1, gl pacan)) - great skills, you seem friendly and active, but even though I like the app a lot I think you should add more things about yourself
  12. Great input D0c thanks for commenting, I fully agree About the rifle, the weapon itself is pretty hard to use and c-bugging with it can be a hassle because it blocks movement pretty significantly (not being able to sprint). You'd have to resort to LMB then RMB which requires a bit more skill to hit a shot accurately. If everyone still thinks this is a problem, maybe 33 would be a sweet spot (Even though you'd mostly be fighting against snipers, which are superior to the rifle, on the off chance the rifle is buffed to 35)
  13. Some weapons are too over/underpowered for skinshot the way their damages are set right now. My suggestions: - Nerf deagle to 40 damage per hit - Scale down Spas damage - Nerf M4/AK to 7 damage per hit (or leave it be) - Buff Country Rifle damage to 35 (it's 25 right now), and it's a way more fun alternative to the sniper rifle - Buff Silenced Pistol damage If you have any more suggestions you'd think are a good addition, feel free to comment
  14. Uruk

    [GPB]Strapz - Deadzone

  15. https://youtu.be/5DaXMKlJNIM
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