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  1. https://imgur.com/a/PL2w0LU old account
  2. https://imgur.com/a/V3rIYcW my stats (14.01) p.s. update (https://imgur.com/a/8RacEmR) p.s. update2 (https://imgur.com/a/677Nuzd)
  3. Paragraph 1: sup i am player from Russia, my nickname 420fazer, i can speak Russian and basic English ,my DS is fazer#6472 , age 16 , gender - attack helicopter , i am playing samp since 2016, and 1 week on LSSW. I can make ur poopo looks great with photoshop Paragraph 2: deagle 12/10 smg -/10 (dont use this shit) m4 -/10 (it doesn't exist for me) shot 10/10 cbug 12/10 ic suckysucky/10 Paragraph 3: I was banned 1 time for Flyhacks. My relationship with BR members is neutral. My stats - (https://imgur.com/a/OSan3lP). I dueled with [BR]testerinho and [BR]guissnoweback. Testerinho - draw, guissnoweback 1 - 5 and some members on streets. Paragraph 4: Testerinho invited me here, i want play with BR members in team. i know some of members wants see me in clan too Attachments: Game Play Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtxOFQoBA7w&lc=UgxJP511uxWLVbMhKFR4AaABAg.9IStXRLmvLW9IStcE5CnOG),
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