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  1. oohhh thaanks ;D i won't let GPB down
  2. gracias! no problem, i promise to get better
  3. thanks, i will correct my behavior
  4. thanks, I will take into account everything you said and correct my mistakes
  5. What is your In-game Name?: labuss What does GPB stand for?: Glen Park Bloods Who is the GPB Leader?: Barney Who is the GPB Co-Leader?: no coleader now Name one of the GPB Founders: [GPB] Marwan_Makaveli Name at least 1 GPB Captain: [GPB]Ryder_Nigga Name at least 5 GPB members you are familiar with (excluding Leader, Co-Leader & Captains): [GPB]Strapz , [GPB]Zelox , [GPB]Deadshot How old are you?: 18 Are you a male or a female?: male Where are you from?: Ukraine What should you do if a GPB Captain called in a regroup?: i will follow the captain's instructions What happens when a GPB Member gets 3 Write-ups?: remove from gpb Tell us some GPB rules: dont use hacks / dont insult other GPB members / inactive 1 mounth without informing leaders = remove What's your Discord? [No Discord no Accept]: labus#1764 What would you do if you saw someone using the [GPB] tag while no administrators online? [This person is not a member of GPB]: i will write complaint to the active administrator What's your daily activity on the server[Per Day]?: 1-2+ hours if possible Do you use C-bug? [Yes/No]: yea Tell us why you want to join us [50 Words]: it is very difficult to do something alone against an entire clan, so strong players need to unite into one team to become even stronger and destroy other teams. Tell us why should we accept you [50 Words]: because I am not a weak player and I will try to help GPB as much as possible in clan battles. How long have you been playing on our server for?: +/- 1 mounth You must duel [GPB]perKys or [GPB]K4i$eR to be accepted. Do you you agree? [Yes/No]: yes You must Vote on GPB Applications on forums or else you'll be warned. Do you agree? [Yes/No]: yes Please show us a screenshot of your stats on the server [/stats]: https://i.imgur.com/eOUiMJO.png Please show us a screenshot of your account warnings [/mywarns]: https://i.imgur.com/TLwvCgi.png If you are accepted, you'll be on a 1 month trial propation. Notice that the Leaders can kick you if you do not follow the Clan Rules. Do you Agree? [Yes/No]: yes Rate Yourself on a scale from 0 to 10: Desert Eagle: 10/10 Shotgun: 5/10 Sniper: 8/10 M4: 8/10 C-Bug: 10/10 Rate your english on a scale from 0 to 10. Speaking: 2/10 Reading: 7/10 Writing: 4/10 Which weapons are you really good at?(except the weapon mentioned in previous question): deagle in my blood What would you like your name to be if you got accepted into our clan?[With GPB tag]: [GPB]labuss Anything Else You want to share with us? no
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