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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Management of LSSW, First of all, read this suggestion carefully and try to understand what I mean before you leave a comment. I recently scrolled through the recent bans of recent months, and you see that almost every day 10 to 20 people are banned for 'Ban evasion'. That would mean if these people were not banished today, the player base would probably be at 100 - 150. This all sounds very special and far-fetched, but this is a point that has a major impact on the Playerbase that we have now. I will state my point of suggestion in a moment. If you don't know what I mean. Suggestion: We have to give every player who is banned BEFORE 2016/2017 unban, and give them a chance to prove themselves. If we do this, the player base is guaranteed to come back much better in a fast way. Believe me. And I know from experience that most people who are permanently banned are aware that they should not make the same mistake again. The player base would go back to 100-150. And then I hear you say: "We would have to ban many again because they have not changed." But believe me, there really wouldn't be many who make the same mistake after a long time be banned. 10 Average bans a day for the reason Ban Evasion.. >> If we unban them, the playerbase will GROW UP in a short time to 100 Players a day, i'm sure of it. Why else they evade it constant, because they wanna cheat again? nop, they wanna play clean and start a new Life in LSSW. This is the only best way to get back the player base as before. I'd hope u understand my point boyz, i'll appreciate it. #MakeLSSWGreatAgain Regards, Habib
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