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Found 1 result

  1. In game name: Oliver_Kabeer What is the definition of BR :Black Revenge Family Who is BR's god father: [BR]Faqahat Who is BR's Boss: [BR]Doc[nL] Name at least five members of BR: [BR]Descontrol [BR]Bapsu [BR]Bora [BR]Fatalize [BR]Joker Name at least 3 server admins : [BR]Doc[nL] [BR]Thypon [GPB]DanailAfridi How old are you: 15 What is your gender: Male how long have you been playing samp? :i think 1 year how long have you been playing lssw: 6 to 9 months Why do you want to join the BR clan:why is it since i play on this server that the clan that struck me the most were the BR , i hope to be accepted because all need a chance. Name a few reason why should we accept you:because i am active,i will be loyal, i will help the members who need my help, i will show the whole server that with the BR clan do not mess around How did you find your server:i found this server in hosted. Explain to us in your own words, the 4 Black revenge family rules:No insults of BR members, keep your game play clean, not play with hack,good game behavior. Is there a way to communicate with you outside the server? : yes on facebook Email:[email protected] Where are you from? : Pakistan. What will you do when there is a cheater online and admins are online? : i report on UCP What is your daily activity on server : 2 hours in this i play arena also. Do you CBUG? : YES Complete the sentence below: BR is the Black colored gang in the server. Danny didn't complete his assignment. My friends name are: thypon, subhan, danail afridi I am playing LSSW for 8 months Which languge can you speak? : urdu,english,hindhi No i not ban from server. Post a scrren shot of your game stats: https://ls-sw.net/profile.php?username:Oliver_Kabeer I duel with many br members like: thypon , fatalize, Doritoes Do you have any experience in the following: 1 Photoshop: 4/10 2 Video making: 6/10 Rate your self: _Weapons_ SMG: 6/10 DESERT EAGLE: 10/10 COMBAT SHOTGUN: 9/10 SHOTGUN: 8/10 M4: 4/10 SNIPER: 9/10 SKILLS Cbug: 9/10 _English_ reading: 10/10 writing: 10/10 talking: 8/10
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