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Found 4 results

  1. Shadoz’s Staff Application Hello Ladies And Gentlemen About Me : Hello, My Real Name is Hamza Werfelli,i'm from Tunisia, 18 Years old i'm very social guy ,ambitious, Motivated and friendly, i've got too many friends, i like haning out, enjoying every moment in life but it's corona now.. i have a lovely girlfriend that i would like to care of,i love Animals,i've got Rottweiler His name is Bruce, i love watching movies series, and i'm a professional kick boxer, i've been training in kick boxing And Now in bodybuilding and i love to create new relationships with people i playa alot of video games i love hanging out with friends, i love spending time with my girlfriend,Football, training in gym and in this server. My Story in LS-SW : Well i start playing SAMP in 2015 in another role play serveurs my friend showed me the best Dm Serveur and it was LS-SW i was newbie playing alone i got banned for evasion didn't understanded as well since i joined here but i fixed everything it was about 4 years so form there i just started to learn more infos about the server systems i tryied hard to joined GPB and i get it and thanks for the chance i hope i was and still good member. My Account : https://imgur.com/a/0vhAD6m // https://imgur.com/a/d79pQzH 3 warns it was a miss understanding since 2017 Reports on website : https://imgur.com/a/HxboSJZ only those old reports because now i report directly in game but i can record as well Do you have good experience in cheats? : Yes As well 99/100 when i report someone in game i know that he hide something Cheats (Aimbot/renko/no-recoil/wallhack /v4/rapide fire /silent aimbot/auto c-bug /fast run/fly/sobeit/teleport/weapons hack) etc.. Hours Per Day : i can spend about 4+ Hours Experience as Administrator: Well to be Honest i wasn't Admin but i was in Team Called Cheater Team in server of role play admins posting their videos and wanna gets votes if we can ban this player or not and our jobs is to explain which are the important moments it was hard when someone is cheating Smoothy like wars montages Why should it I be accepted on the admin team? Well i'm active as well i have a good experience all i need is commande /ban recording 24/7 with High Quality I really wanna be part of the team i will keep the server cleaned form cheaters all the time Discord : ShadozTSA#6441 Other Useful informations : Thank u guys for reading my application i hope i get my chance here to join Staff Team i really i can show off
  2. Application [BR]Stifler Admin Presentation, a little of me Hello, I believe that few know me, my real name is Maycon, I am 23 years old, I am Brazilian, I am married and I have 1 child of almost 1 year. I finished school, at the moment I just work to feed my family and take an English course to better understand them. I am a very systematic and mature person, I do not like the wrong things, I was administered in an RPG service. I have experience with the subject, I know there is nothing to do with LS-SW, but I want to share some of my experiences. My activity? Well, this month I was on vacation at the service, so I was active, but usually I stay about 5 hours a night, at the end of the week I stay all day, but of course I also have my chores, take care of my son. If someone wants to ask me something, feel free to ask your questions. Sorry, I could not find the way the application should be. What do I do in my free time? Many times I stay home, I am very cozy, I play with my son, I help my wife with homework, take care of my son, go out with relatives to eat meat and have a beer. But my biggest part is staying at home playing, or else washing my car I was accepted into the clan [BR] for a short period of time, I have a lot of contact with D0ritoS and D0c. I think they are the ones who know me the most. Why should you accept me as an administrator? Because I'm ready to give my best, the server needs more admin, we need to finish these cheaters, I have experience, my time zone is good, especially when the night has no administrator and is where the hackers abuse, Fatalize is proof of this. I understand the Spanish language and Portuguese and a little English where I am learning a lot in my course. I spend most of my day in the forum when I'm working and during the night in the game, my priority is to spend my pleasant time, removing all the xiters that spoil the game, I know the rules and never had problems. What can I offer the server? with the administrative position My goal is to manage the server, all following the rules without abuse, I can record videos easily, so I am recording all the time. I am competent and have responsibility and maturity and as an administrator it would be much easier to inform those who do not follow the rules and can help a lot more administrators to keep a server organized without hackers. I can recognize a hacker, and I would like an opportunity to show what I am capable and what I can offer the server and also bring more Brazilian players. * Any doubt, criticism, suggestion will be welcome.
  3. Hello ! Im making this apply today beacasue i think im ready for recive staff level i am active on this server and i have about 6 days played on the server i know many people on it and i have a good experience in a role-play server so i know how the member of staff must act, also i have never got a problem with an admin or a punishment (ban,warn etc) just kicks from bugs on server so i think that i have a good history, With playing more on server i've familized with all rules and type of games (Cop chase, Arena DM etc). i want this chance im english Memeber im waitig you sirs I just need chance ! everyone from us was need a chance to recive it i hope you trust me I Need to be staff for make it power #With helper we make it power i know some will say this is nab but belive me you need to belive me just ! and will watch me how work i was Joined from 2015 But my account was hacked and i pmed staff for this but they ignore me My name Was CarLor_DeOlpoSiter i was have function h2 online you can check me ! Fataliz will remember i think we have resigter in Forum ! he have 21 June and me from 26 June i register
  4. Real name: Gustavo Martinez. Nickname on the server: [RUSH]gustav Personal description: Hi there dear Staff. I will start with my basic info so you guys can know a littlebit about me. My real name is Gustavo Martinez and i'm from Nicaragua, A small country indeed but with incredible people!. I think that i'm a incredible person as well but i need to get some time to adapt my self in a place and then i will be like the most hilarious guy you will know, trust me. Even if i'm funny i'm also serious when it is required. I know how to act depening on the time. I want to tell you all that i'm such a dedicated person who likes to give his best on everything he do, and i'm not satisf¡ed until there is no more to improve and as we all know: there is always a better way to do it. Where i live, people like to get fun too much and that's why i learned to became serious when i needed. Why do you wish to become an admin and why should we grant you the position?: I will be honest. When i joined the server, i didn't have the idea of becaming Admin. However, in all this years i can say that i have experience that can be useful to the Community that has been so loyal to me since 2012. Being an administrator will let me help those who already helpme to get bigger in the server and give them something in return. I would like to say that, in my time zone there is a lot of cheaters that need to be hunted and if i became admin, i will hunt them every night until they dream about me. I like to follow the rules, i like to be follow a path because it lead to something and if i apply that the rules says, reports and in-game matters should be an easy thing. Do you plan on entering the art world of SA:MP (making films)?: Yes. I like to record videos, to have something to share. It would be amazing if i got an oportunity to make some of these!. General knowledge of the server (commands - on a scale from 1 to 10): 9 /10. Other useful specifications: My Stats: Thanks for the BIG chance!
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