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[GPB] 'Glen Park Bloods' | Applying Rules [Read Before Posting]

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If you are applying for the Glen Park Bloods (GPB) clan, you must agree to all of these applying rules before applying for the clan.


 Before applying for the clan, make sure to read and meet our minimum clan requirements which are on the Forums (here) as well as in-game (use /applygpb command).


1. You must not ask the clan members for any (positive) votes.
2. You must write the application yourself. Do not copy/paste from others' applications.
3. If you were denied recently when applying for any clan (including GPB, BR), you must wait for at least 2 weeks (from the time of denial) before applying to our clan (again).
4. You must remain active in the server on a periodic basis (at least 1 or 2 hours per day).
5. You must not have any issues with any of our clan members.
6. Do not apply for another clan while you have an active/pending application for our clan.

Last Updated: 05th May, 2020

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