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[GPB] 'Glen Park Bloods' Applications Format [Read Before Posting]

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What is your In-game Name:

What does GPB stand for?:

Who is the GPB Leader:

Who is the GPB Co-Leader:

How many members does GPB have [GPB's Members log]:

Name at least 5 GPB members you are familiar with:

How old are you:

Are you a male or a female:

Where are you from:

Tell us some GPB rules:

What's your Discord? [No Discord no Accept]:

What would you do if you saw someone using the [GPB] tag while no administrators online? [This person is not in the GPB Family]:

What's your daily activity on the server[Per Day]:

Do you use C-bug? [Yes/No]:

Tell us why you want to join us [50 Words]:

Tell us why should we accept you [50 Words]:

How long have you been playing on our server for:

You must duel [GPB]shiobi or [GPB]Rockit to be accepted. Do you you agree? [Yes/No]:

You must Vote on GPB Applications on forums or else you'll be warned. Do you agree? [Yes/No]:

Please show us a screenshot of your stats on the server [/stats]:

Please show us a screenshot of your account warnings [/mywarns]:

If you are accepted, you'll be on a 1 month trial propation. Notice that [GPB]Barney and [GPB]Blacky can kick you if you do not follow the Clan Rules. Do you Agree? [Yes/No]:

Rate Yourself on a scale from 0 to 10:
Desert Eagle: /10
Shotgun: /10
Sniper: /10
M4: /10
C-Bug: /10

Rate your english on a scale from 0 to 10.
Speaking: /10
Reading: /10
Writing: /10

Mention only one weapon at which you are really good at (you will receive a rank/role regarding that weapon if you get accepted in our clan):

Which weapons are you really good at? (except the weapon mentioned in previous question):

What would you like your name to be if you got accepted into our clan?[With GPB tag]:

Anything Else You want to share with us?


NOTE: MUST verify Your account email on UCP. Before applying. Unverified accounts apps will be rejected instantly.

Involved in making: Ryan, Memphis

Updated by Blacky

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