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[DENIED] K4i$eR [BR] Application.

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Are you thinking about joining some other clan: No





What is your IG (In game name): [OnE_]K4i$eR









What is the definition of "BR"? : Black Revenge Family









Who is BR's Leader? : [bR]Faqahat









Who is BR's co leader? : [bR]D0c









Name at least 5 BR members: [bR]Breaker / [bR]Briana / [bR]TreShawn_Nigga / [bR]XLIGHT / [bR]Core









Name at Least 3 Server admins: [bR]Riley / [GPB]Viking / [bR]ShopenZ 









How old are you: 20









What is Your Gender ? Male









How long have you been playing samp? 4 years









How long have you been playing the GTA game series? 8 years









How long have you been playing LS-SW? 1 month









Why do you want to join the BR clan [ 50 Words at least] : Good and clean players, only the strongests seek this clan, and i'm here.









Name a few reasons, why we should accept you [ 50 Words at Least] : I'm active, skilled (modest xD) i help others Brasilian players(that not speak english) and other nation peoples. i'm avaiable to help BR Clan.









How did you find our server? : SA-MP









Tell some BR clan rules: No hack, respect rules, no insult and respect superior members an admins.









Tell some trial probation rules: mature, no insult and respect the people, superior members and admins









Will you be able to use skype? [if yes, write your username] : yes, bruno_mariano06









Where are you from? : Brazil









What will you do, if the server staff are offline, and there is a hacker? : take screenshot/video and report on forum.









What is your daily activity on the server? [Per Day] : 1-5 hours









What will you do if you see a Server Hacker? ? : /report or i send pm to online admin.









What will you do if you see a person with a [bR] tag who doesn't belong in the BR family? : i'll ask him remove the tag or /pm to online admin









Do you cbug? If yes, for how long? : Yes, 1 year.









Complete The Sentences Below :






(1) BR is the gray colored gang in the server.






(2) Danny didn't complete the assignment.






(3) My friends names are Jimmy, Drake, and Ron.






(4) I am playing in LS-SW for 1 Months/Years.









Which languages can you speak?: Portuguese, English and Spanish.






Have you got banned from the server in the past? If yes, what for? : Yes, aimbot (but i was unbanned)






Post a screenshot of your game stats :






(I'm training to improve my ratio every day xD) 






Post a SS of your best streak :






Post a SS that you have defeated/Dueled a tester in BR A/D from the following list of testers (Testers will choose weapons) :






(1) [bR]D0c



(2) [bR]Joker[nL]






Do you have any experience/knowledge in the following? :






(1) Photoshop  0/10



(2) Video making (Sony vegas, fraps)- 7/10 Fraps












By Posting this application you are AWARE that once accepted you are on Trial Probation for 1 month. Breaking any rules during this time will lead to a direct kick from BR.






Rate Yourself : 8/10












SMG:- 8/10



Desert Eagle:- 8/10



Combat shotgun:- 8/10



Shotgun:- 7/10



M4- 8/10



Sniper:- 8/10












C Bug : 8/10









Reading 8/10



Writing 7/10



Talking 7/10


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Well first of all, don't car ram people. It's not what BRs do, and it's not allowed!

Pending for now, I want to see your behavior and attitude, maybe some duels too.

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You seem mature and friendly.

The only thing that got you denied is your skills.

Practice a bit and come back.

Im sure you'll make it next time if you take proper time to improve.

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