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User Control Panel/Offline Reports [General Information | Guide]

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If you have found a rule breaker/hacker in the server and there is no admin online, you can make an offline/UCP (User Control Panel) report against him.
The following thread explains the steps on how you can make an offline report as well as the rewards (
in-game Credits) given to the reporter if the report is valid/accepted.

Note that you must have verified your UCP account/Email Address in order to gain full access to it.
Also make sure that the player you are reporting is not already banned. Use the
Profiles > Search User section to search for the player you are reporting.


1. Login to the User Control Panel with your in-game nick and password (as shown in the screenshot below).


2. Click on the Reports section and then click on the Create Report button to open up the report form (as shown in the screenshot below).


Here, fill out the form accordingly (enter the in-game nick of the player you are reporting, provide a link to the proofs, enter the reason(s), and if needed, give some explanation; as shown in the screenshot below).


3. Once done, click on the Report! button to submit it.


Once you have successfully made a report, it will be on pending till an admin (Head Admin and/or higher) checks and concludes your report.


If your report is valid and accepted, you will be given some in-game Credits as reward.
Credits are given out on the basis of the type of the case as follow:

Aimbot, Auto C-Bug, Faster C-Bug, Rapid Fire, No Spread/Recoil, macros, and other similar cases = 8 Credits
Skin ChangerWallhack, No Tree Mod, Sprint Binds/Macros, No Reload, ban evasion, VPN/Proxy IP, impersonation, and other similar cases = 7 Credits
s0beit, vehicle cheats, weapon cheats, ammo cheats, Fast Walk, System, bug, or command abuse, and other similar cases = 6 Credits
Airbrake, Fly cheats, Teleport cheats, Speed cheats, Parkour Mod, jump cheats, and other similar cases = 5 Credits
Advertising, chat spam, racism, insulting/being rude, aiding a cheater/ban evader, capturing a turf with aerial support (helicopter, airplane, etc.), and other similar cases = 4 Credits
Fake clan tag, invalid/numeric nick, and other similar cases = 3 Credits

In case if there are several reasons/cases present of different criteria (for example, Aimbot and Fly cheat), the reward will be given on the basis of the most high criterion reason/case (in this case, 8 Credits).

Important Notes

You need to make sure that you are taking enough and clear proofs against the player for your report to be valid/accepted.

Take sufficient and clear proofs as this is really important. Depending on the type of case, let's assume it's an Aimbot case, you need to record/show the player's Ping and Packet Loss (PL) (which can be done using the /id command) as well as yours so to confirm if there's lag present or not.

You also need to make sure that you are taking enough amount of (longer) proofs against the player depending on the case. If it's an Aimbot or Auto C-Bug case, you need to take sufficient (longer) clear proofs to accuse/ban the player on its basis.

Another important thing is the type of proof you are providing (screenshot or video). If it's regarding Aimbot, Wallhack, Auto C-Bug, Speed cheat, Teleport cheat, Skin Changer, s0beit, etc., you definitely need to provide video as a proof.
For cases like
Airbrake, Fly cheat, advertising, chat spam, and other similar clear cases, you may provide a screenshot only (considering it's a clear and obvious proof).

Last Updated: 27th October, 2018

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