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Account security [MUST READ]

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Using strong passwords

It's very important to protect your account and safety,having a good strong passsword would be hard to guess by anyone but youself. Your favorite food,name or anything else about you are not very good passwords and they are to obvious. A good way to come up with a good strong password,is to use both capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and if possible, try to avoid using words. Remember, do your very best to remember your password. However, if that is not possible, write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you will remember. If you live with other people who might be interested in your account, it would be wise to hide the piece of paper. You could also save it to a txt file on your pc for later use.

Do not use personal information or common words as a password

Please create a unique password that's unrelated to your personal information and uses a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. For example, you can select a random word or phrase and insert letters and numbers into the beginning, middle, and end to make it extra difficult to guess like '[email protected]'. Please don't use simple words or phrases like 'password' or 'letmein', keyboard patterns such as 'qwerty' or 'qazwsz', or sequential patterns such as 'abcd1234' which make your password easier to guess.

User Control Panel

First timer users will be required to enter a security answer example "Your childhood friend" please DO NOT enter your own name to bypass the answer quickly,Please choose a name that is not related to you.

Passwords should be a secret

Never ever tell anyone your password. Please don't share it with your best friend, boy friend, girl friend, brother, aunt, uncle, cat, dog, anyone. Also keep in mind that  STAFF MEMBERS WILL NEVER EVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD or other sensitive information.

Do not use the same password for more than one account

Including social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc). Using the same password for various accounts can result in all of them getting stolen at the same time.

Do not download anything from people you do not completely trust

This includes: Mods, Pictures, Files, Songs, Videos, ANYTHING. A good way to prevent yourself from getting a threatening virus, is to scan your computer regularly. I for instance, scan my computer for viruses once a week. If possible, scan your computer daily. Before you go to bed, school, work, right after you wake up, whenever you feel like. If you feel that you have a virus already, be sure to scan your computer and remove the infected file.A good free anti-malware that I use and trust is:

Keeping your account secure is up to you.

If your account gets stolen, it is only your fault. LSSW staff team can not be held responsible for it, and it is not their job to get your account back for you. The only thing the admin team can do in such a situation, is properly inform you on how to keep your account more secure. By all means, feel free to ask anyone on the staff team for help if you have any questions.


Last Updated: 6/19/15

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