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[ACCEPTED] Application [BR] :B

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What is your IG (In the name of the game): Federal.

What is the definition of "BR"? : Black revenge

Who is BR's godfather? : [BR] Faqahat

Who is the head of BR? : [BR] Descontrol

Name at least 5 BR members (excluding GodFather and Boss): [BR] D0ritos, [BR] Bora, [BR] Thypon, [BR] Like it, [BR] Joker [nL]

Name at least 3 Server Administrators: [BR] Descontrol, [BR] Joker [nL], [GPB] DanialAfridi

How old are you? 20 years

What is your gender? [Female Male]? Male

How long have you been playing samp? 4 years

How long have you been playing LS-SW? 3 years

Why do you want to join the BR clan? [50 words as a minimum]: why do I want to join? This is where I belong to the clan, [BR] is my family, sharing unforgettable moments with some old members.

Some reasons, why should we accept [at least 50 words]: why should I accept? I am a former clan member and I never had any problems with anyone.

How did you find our server? : Looking for servers where they allow C-bug

Explain to us in your own words, the rules of the 4 Black Revenge family: do not hack, respect the rules, do not insult and respect members and administrators.

Is there any way to communicate with you outside the server? If yes, publish your username

[Discordia, Skype, Facebook, Correo electrónico]: Correo: [email protected]

Where are you from? : America Latina Argentina

What will you do if there is a cheat online and the administrators are disconnected ?: Take capture and publish the tests on the server page

What is your daily activity on the server? [Per day]: 2 hours

Cbug? If so, for how long? : 4 shots, 5 shots...

Complete the sentences below: 

(1) BR is the color gang Gray on the server.

(2)  Danny didn't complete the assignment.

(3) The names of my friends are Jimmy, Drake and Ron.

(4)  I am playing in LS-SW for 3 Years.

What languages can you speak ?: Spanish - English

Have you been expelled from the server in the past? If so, for what? : No never.

Post a screenshot of your game statistics:









You must fight with at least 2 members of the BR and have proof of it. In addition, it will face any other member of the BR who requests it at least once. Do you agree? YES YES

¿Tienes alguna experiencia / conocimiento en lo siguiente? :

(1) Photoshop -__ 8/10
(2) Creación de videos (Sony Vegas, Fraps) -__ 6/10

Al publicar esta aplicación, usted es CONSCIENTE de que una vez aceptada, estará en libertad condicional por un mes. Romper cualquier regla durante este tiempo resultará en una patada directa de BR. Califíquese



SMG: 7/10
Desert Eagle:
8/10 Escopeta de combate:
8/10 Escopeta: 8/10
9/10 Sniper: 6/10


Error C: 6/10

Lectura -__
7/10 Escritura -__
6/10 Hablando -__ 6/10

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