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Server Wiki [Features | Guide]

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This thread states and explains all the server features on what they do and how you can use them.
If you come across anything which is not clear to you or you don't understand, feel free to ask any of the staff members regarding it.

General Features

Server Shop
The Server Shop is one of the key features of the server. From here, you can buy different types of items; some are temporary and some are permanent (means, once bought, they remain forever in your account). These are the currently available items in it:


• Toys Shop [Temporary]
 Weapons Shop [Temporary]
 Health and Armor [Temporary]
 VIP Shop [For VIPs only]
 Drugs Shop
 BoomBox Radio [Permanent]
 RC Toys [Temporary]
 Special Toys [Permanent]

You can use the /shop command or press the Y hotkey to access the Server Shop.

Temporary Toys
With Toys, you can buy and add special objects on your player (skin). There are various types of toys available to choose from with their own specific cost (as shown in the screenshot below).


These are temporary toys, which means that they are removed on your next spawn.

Weapons Shop
You can buy different types of weapons from the Server Shop as well as you can buy the same weapon again in order to refill its ammunition. All the weapons have their own different cost (as shown in the screenshot below).


For VIPs, there are several special weapons available for them to choose and buy which normal players can't.

All the weapons you buy are temporary, which means that they are removed on your next spawn.

If you are low on health or armour, you may buy additional health/armour from this menu, however, for 1-time only (per life).

For VIPs, they receive a special discount on them.


VIP Menu/Shop
VIPs can access to their very own special menu from where they can buy different types of items (as shown in the screenshot below).
Some of these items are available for free of cost, while others have their own specific cost.


VIPs can use the /vmenu or /mshop command to open the VIP Menu at anytime in the game.

The Drugs serve as a Health refill. With each drug you use, you gain upto 40 Health. You can buy another drug after every 2 minutes.

After you use a drug, you enter in a "drunk" state effect, however, you can press the FIRE key to skip it.

To use and see how many drugs you currently have, use the /usedrugs command (as shown in the screenshot below).
You can buy 
Drugs from the Server Shop (/shop).



BoomBox Radio
The BoomBox Radio serves as a portable player radio. You can put an MP3 format sound link on it and it will play the sound for all the players who are near the BoomBox.

To place the BoomBox, use the /placeboombox command.
To put an 
MP3 sound on the BoomBox, use the /boombox command when you are near it.
To pick up the 
BoomBox, use the /pickboombox command when you are near it.




Note that only MP3 format is supported in the BoomBox Radio.

You can buy and gain permanent access to the BoomBox Radio with 5000 Credits.

RC Toys (Minifun)
You can get the RC Toys; the RC Tiger and the RC Beefy Baron in 2 ways.
First is buying the access via
/shop but it will be one time usage only (which means if u use it then u will have to re-buy the access).
Second is reaching
15 kills in a row (killing spree).

You can use one of these RC Toys by using the /minifun command.
You can use the 
/exitrc command or press Enter to leave the RC Toy you are in.

You can buy the access to the RC Toys for 500 Credits.

Special (Permanent) Toys
Special Toys have extended varieties of toys and you can also adjust them in different ways (as shown in the screenshot below).






They are permanent, which means that once you have unlocked them, you don't need to buy them again for each spawn, rather toggle them on or off with their respective commands/hotkeys whenever you want.

You can access and use all the special toys with the /toys command.

Once you have set a toy, you can use the /ltoys command or press the N hotkey to load all your customized/set toys. In the same way, you can use the /ntoys or press the H hotkey to turn off/hide all of your toys.

For VIPs, they receive a special toys section where they can put any custom object/toy ID and customize it as they want (as shown in the screenshot below).


You can buy and gain permanent access to the Special Toys with 2000 Credits.

Credits System
Instead of Money, the server uses the Credits system.
Credits are one of the key features of the server. With them, you can buy different items from the Server Shop as well as spend them in other ways.

The Credits are located on the upper right corner of the screen, near the Health/Armour bar (as shown in the screenshot below).


There are many ways to earn the Credits.
You can find the full information regarding the 
Credits system on this page.

You can use the /mycredits command to see how many credits you currently have.


You can use the /credits [player ID] command to see how many credits a specific player has.

SbFQiUd.png p4Na5q8.png

Note that you cannot donate or give your Credits to someone else.

Turf War system
The Turfs are one of the key features of the server. There are total 38 turfs (which can be attacked/captured) available in the server.

The Turfs are highlighted on the minimap with their respective owners/controllers (teams/gangs) (as shown in the screenshot below).


To capture a turf, use the /attack or /capture command.
Note that you need at least 3 other gang members along with you in the turf zone in order to start capturing a turf.

While the turf is being captured, the capturing team must stay and survive (4 gang members at least) in the turf zone/boundaries for 5 minutes in order to take control of it.
Once captured, the players who helped in capturing the turf will receive 
+5 credits each.

You can also place the Road Blocks while capturing a turf with the /roadblock command.

To see all the turfs and their owners/controllers, use the /turfs commands (as shown in the screenshot below).


You can activate the GPS with the /gps [Turf ID] command which will guide you to the location of that turf (as shown in the screenshot below).


You can disable the GPS by using the /gpsoff command.
You can also use the 
/turf [Turf ID] command to get the stats about a particular turf (owner, players in that turf, etc.) (as shown in the screenshot below).


To enable/disable notifications regarding Turf captures, use the /turfnotifications command.

Reports System
If you have found a rule breaker or hacker, use the /report command to report the player to the online admins in-game. UGKCaII.png

You can make another report after every 1 minute.

However, if no admins are online and you have found a rule breaker/hacker, you may also report the player offline/via the User Control Panel (UCP).
Instructions on how to make a UCP report can be found here in this thread.

Spawn Protection System
By default, in the events as well, all the players receive a Spawn Protection when they are spawned for 10 seconds. Once it is over, they can receive damage as usual.


All the teams have limited number of default vehicles parked in their HQs.
Once a vehicle is used
, it will automatically respawn after several seconds if there is no passenger/driver in it.

There are also many random vehicles parked on different spots in the city which can be used by any player.
Note that the vehicles of the Official Gangs cannot be used by the regular team members.

Headquarters (HQs)
The Headquarters are the main spawn zones of the players. Every team has an HQ. The HQs are marked with a red border on the map (with their respective team color) (as shown in the screenshot below).
None of the HQs can be captured.


Armoured Vehicles
The Armoured Vehicle is another key feature of the server. They can only be driven by those players who have at least, a minimum of, 1500 score.
The players cannot use other team's Armoured Vehicle, however.

Armoured vehicles have 8000 health/HP by default. Repairing it while the HP is above 1000 will not restore its full health (that is, 8000), however, when the HP falls below 1000, doing a repair at the Pay 'n' Spray shop will restore its original (8000) health.


Pay 'n' Spray
The server supports the repairing/fixing of the vehicles at the Pay 'n' Spray shops. There are several Pay 'n' Spray shops located in the city.

All the players are equipped with some default weapons and limited ammunitions.
VIPs have special default weapons.

The default weapons with their ammunitions provided to the regular players and the VIPs are mentioned as follow:

Normal players
Bat (1)
Desert Eagle (
Shotgun (
MP5 (
M4A1 (

Bat (1)
Desert Eagle (
Combat Shotgun (
MP5 (
M4A1 (
Sniper (

Duels System
Players can send and receive duel requests from anyone (unless the player has disabled duel requests).

You can use the /duel command to send someone a duel request (as shown in the screenshot below).


You can use the /duelon command to enable duel requests invitations.
You can use the 
/dueloff command to disable duel requests invitations.

To accept an incoming duel request, use the /yes command.
To deny an incoming duel request, use the 
/no command.


Official Clans/Gangs
The server has some Official Gangs (teams) which can only be used by their respective official clan members.

All the Official Gangs have their own Headquarters with their own special vehicles available that can be used by the respective clan members only.
The members of the 
Official Clans also receive full Armour (100%) upon each spawn as well as their own special skins.

Currently, there are total 3 Official Gangs in the server; Glen Park Bloods (GPB), Black Revenge Family (BR), and A Todo Ritmo (ATR).

You can use the /applygpb command to see the requirements of the Glen Park Bloods clan.
You can use the 
/applybr command to see the requirements of the Black Revenge Family clan.



The server has a Skydive platform from where you can jump off from the high altitude. No weapons are allowed here, therefore, all the weapons of the player are stripped here.

You can use the /skydive command to go there.

Since the latest update, you can remove & add back the Bat. Type /bat to remove it and if you want to have Bat back then type /bat again.


Events System

The Arena is a common event of the server where all the players fight versus each other (players can kill each other; free for all). Arena is one of the best events where you can quickly earn Credits as well as make scores.
In Arena, you can use the Server Shop as you would use outside it.

You can join the Arena event with the /arena command.
To leave this event, use the
/qevent command.

The Forest is similar to the Arena in terms of the gameplay and fight style, however, taken place at another spot in the world.
Forest, you can use the Server Shop as you would use outside it.

You can join the Forest event with the /forest command.
To leave this event, use the 
/qevent command.

In Sniper event, you can only use the Sniper to kill each other. Similar to the Arena event, it is free for fall as well (means, the players can kill each other).
In this event, players cannot use the 
Server Shop.

You can join the Sniper event with the /sniper command.
To leave this event, use the 
/qevent command.

Cop Chase
The Cop Chase event is a different type of event than the others.

In this event, a random player is chosen as the Criminal/Suspect where he must outrun the Cops by keep surviving for 10 minutes, or by killing all the Cops in order to win the event.
Similarly, the 
Cops must chase down and kill the Suspect within 10 minutes in order to win in this event.

As a Cop, you can use the Y hotkey to toggle the Assistance mode on or off. With the Assistance mode on, other Cops as well as the Suspect can see your location on the minimap.
You can use the " 
" in the chat to communicate with other Cops via the Cops Radio.

The Cops are restricted from using the Server Shop in this event, however, the Suspect can use it.

If the Cops win the event, they receive +5 credits each.

See the screenshot below for more info about this event.


You can join the Cop Chase event with the /copchase command.
There is no standard way of leaving this event, therefore, you must either, quit the game or suicide in order to leave this event.

In this event, the players are able to use the military vehicles such as the Rhino Tank, the Hydra or the Hunter in order to kill each other. Unlike the other events, players of the same team (for example, Ballas or Vagos) can't kill each other in this event.
In this event, you can use the 
Server Shop as you would use outside it.

You can join the War event with the /war command.
To leave this event, use the 
/swar command.

Special Events
Apart from the default events, there are also some special events which are manually arranged by higher ranked admins only.
They can be started anytime by the admin, plus special prizes are also given to the winner(s).

When there is any open special event going on, you can join it by using the /join command.

To see all the events with their current status and amount of players playing in it, use the /events command.


Other Features

User Control Panel (UCP)
The User Control Panel (UCP for short) is where you can check your in-game account and other information regarding it/the server.
From here, you can see the 
Live Server Stats, general information regarding server (players, number of VIPs or admins, total bans, etc.), make ban appeal if you are banned, make offline reports against rule breakers, etc.

You can find a list of the common issues and FAQs regarding the UCP here in this thread.


Spree System
The server supports the Spree system. When you do a certain number of kills in a single life, you gain kill streaks (5, 15, 50, etc.).
When you reach a certain kill streak or spree, you receive some special rewards. For example, when reaching the 
50 kill streak, you receive 200 Credits as a reward (as shown in the screenshots below).



Away From Keyboard (AFK) System
If you need to go to the AFK mode while in-game, use the /afk or /brb command.
To come back from the 
AFK mode, use the /back command.

While you are in the AFK mode, other players cannot see or attack you and vice versa.

Note that you cannot go to the AFK mode while you are being attacked (taking damage). You are able to go to the AFK mode after 35 seconds of getting shot (taking damage).

Server Commands
There are currently many server commands available for the players to use, all of them can be seen by using the /cmds or /commands command.


Join/Leave Messages
To toggle the player join/leave messages on or off in the main chat, use the /disablejl command.


Player Stats
You can check your own or a specific player's stats using the /stats or /stats [Player ID] command.


Online Admins
You can check all the online admins with the /admins command.


Top (Online) Killers/Players
You can check the top 4 online players with the highest kills using the /topkillers command.


Player Animations
You can see and use all the player animations with the /anims command.


VIP System
You can buy and become a VIP player of the server. As a VIP, you gain access to many cool and extra features which are not provided to the normal players.
You can find the full information regarding the 
VIP system on this page.

You can also use the /vip command in-game to see the information regarding the VIP system.
To check all the 
online VIPs, use the /vips command.



Help Menu
Use the /help command to open the in-game Help menu.


Use the /leaderboard or /topteams command to see the top team, top player, richest player, most respected player, and the most active player of the server of all time.


Specific Team Players
Use the /players command to see all the teams and the amount of players in each team.


You can also use the /team command to check all the current gangs/teams available in the server.


Own Team Players
To check all the team members of your own gang, use the /team command.


You can use a personal Radio to play a song from the list. With it, you can also play your own custom songs from a website link.
Use the 
/radio command to open the Radio menu.


You can turn off the Radio by using the /stopradio command.

Respect System
You can receive and give respect to other players. The Respects have no special purpose at the moment.
To give someone a respect, use the 
/resepct [Player ID] command.

ZY73fKB.png 530QHz6.png

You can check the current amount of Respects you have with the /respects command.


Lottery System
At any random time, an admin may start a Lottery event, with a specific reward (usually Credits), where players can pick any number (within a limited range, such as 1-30) to enter in a random draw.
At the end of 
Lottery, a random player is picked by the system to win the reward.



You can change your in-game password and Email Address with the help of /changepass and /addemail commands respectively.

To check your Account/Strict Warnings, use the /mywarns command.


Use the /savestats command to save your current in-game stats.


To change your in-game language, use the /language or /idioma command.


Private Messages (PM) System
To send someone a Private Message (PM), use the /pm [Player ID] command.


You can block someone from sending you PMs with the /ignore command.

iS395WJ.png ZY2z7WQ.pngRxDqgbT.png

To block everyone from sending you PMs, use the /nopm command.

LRVgaWa.png stJAZ0f.png

This Wiki is valid and updated as of the Server Version 16.9.3.

Last Updated: 10/10/2018

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