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[Pvt Clans] - 30 Day Recruitment Rule

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As some of you might already know about this rule which have been there since 2014. The rule states that any member of any private clan of server can not join any other (official) private clan of the server by any means whether it be Application or Invitation after 30 days of leaving the first clan. It is mandatory to wait for at least 60 Days before joining , applying for any other private server clans.

- The rule doesn't apply for any non-official clan or sub community.

- 30 days is the minimum hibernation time between switching clans.

- This rule is here to maintain peace and stability between sub communities and members of the server. 

- Violation of this rule by any pvt Clan can get their clan suspended for a specified duration from the server.

- Exceptions can be applied at the server ownership/server management.




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