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[Denied] BR application

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What is your IG (In game name): _Slay3r

What is the definition of "BR"? : Black Revenge Family

Who is BR's Godfather? : faqahat

Who is BR's Boss? : Joker

Will you be loyal to BR?: Sure.

Name at least 5 BR members (excluding Godfather and Boss): KzSo, Danny, Lexico , RifleZz ,

Name at Least 3 Staff members : Joker,Godzilla,NiCo

How old are you : 16

What is your gender ? [male, female]?: Male

How long have you been playing samp?: 4 years

How long have you been playing LS-SW?: Well i was playing under the name Killer back in 2015 went inactive, now registered as _Slay3r. So approximately 1 year and some months

Why do you want to join the BR clan [ 50 Words at least] : BR is a clan consiating of skilled,mature,helpful and loyal players. I will love to be apart of the clan to introduce my skills and make some cool friends. Mostly to find a unique clan to settle in

Name a few reasons, why we should accept you [ 50 Words at Least] : I can bring alot of help into the clan. Also i am great at making new friends and communicating, i can assist.in clan wars and basically you will have a chill friendly guy around the place

How did you find our server? : Friend told me about it

Explain to us in your own words, the 4 Black Revenge Family rules : Respect players,Respect server and clan rules,No illegal modifications which grants advantage.over others,No racism 

Is there a way to communicate with you outside of the server? If yes, post your username [Discord,Skype,Facebook,Email] : Discord- Smoken#5399

Facebook- Jarell Small

Whatsapp- +1(868)3059863

Where are you from? : Trinidad

What will you do if there is a cheater online, and admins are offline?: Record and report it on forum

What is your daily activity on the server? [Per Day] : 1 hour per day. In Summer break(July and August) will increase 

Do you cbug? If yes, for how long? : i can, but not so well

Complete the sentences below :

(1) BR is the black colored gang in the server.

(2) Danny didn't complete his assignment.

(3) My friend's names are Jimmy, Drake, and Ron.

(4) I have been playing in LS-SW for alot of Months/Years.


Which languages can you speak?: English only

Have you got banned from the server in the past? If yes, what for? : nope

Post a screenshot of your game stats (imgur.com):http://imgur.com/sPb2Rmm

Post a screenshot of your strict warnings (/mywarnsnopegot none

You must duel at least 2 BR members and have proof of doing so. As well, you will duel any other BR member who requests it at least once. Do you agree? Yes ofc


Do you have any experience/knowledge in the following? :

(1) Photoshop: - 1/10

(2) Video making (Sony vegas, fraps): - 5/10


Note: By Posting this application you are AWARE that once accepted you are on Trial Probation for 1 month. Breaking any rules during this time will lead to a direct kick from BR.



SMG: - 6/10
Desert Eagle: - 7/10
Combat shotgun: - /810
Shotgun: - 8/10
M4: - 8/10
Sniper: - 8/10

C Bug: - 6/10


Reading: - 10/10
Writing: -10 /10
Talking: - 10/10

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Is it allowed that you just got rejected or get your appeal cancelled from other gang and apply in other gang?

Never seen you in-game.Pending

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RiflezZ we did play ingame together ? we were even dueling eachother ? and i told you that i cant cbug when am fighting someone and you said something about "i get cbug shy" and okay Ale, ill be on tonight actually

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On 6/8/2019 at 9:29 AM, Descontrol said:

Why have you cancelled your app for UC?

i cancelled it because of the 1000 kills requirement  also i wanted to apply for this clan instead.

On 6/8/2019 at 11:36 AM, Faqahat said:

Your app hurts my eyes (the colors and design)

am sorry mate. really don't know how to change design and color

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Sure, well in the next to weeks(this week and next week) i have some exams so i won't be on till. But ill try to get ingame asap afterwards, also i have played with Rifl3zZ

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Registered like 2 months, but was playing for approximately 1 year under the name Killer but i wasn't registered with that account. Am not so new to this server

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-1 .  from me ... my reason is that I do not know you.  I think I've seen you a little and the times I've seen you, you do not talk so much.  and asked duels and you do not answer.

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