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[Support] Ban Related

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 In Game Name : Dr.Mystery.Unknown

Ban Reason : Aimbot

i was playing in this server i was new not much score but 100+ maybe , i used /arena and was playing there i was using cbug which is allowed and i got plenty of kills with my OWN bare hands with my own SAMP skills , and this guy named as [UC]Godzilla[nl] banned me for aimbot bcz he couldnt kill a little 100 score newbie bcz i was too skilled? i am playing from 7 years ... i was called master in some server ,  but i left samp for 7 months came back , i lost my previous skills , even at this rate my skills are so high that it was considred as aimbot by this admin which had 54k score 

well godzilla i think you didnt saw me very well and banned me very quickly , your admin experience is shameful , you dont have a good proof and yet you banned me , unban me , i will play with you in same arena with same skills then it will get proved that  i use skills not aimbot , btw i proudly say that i never use cheats in any game , i never used .

Please unban me i just want to play on this good server , i cant bother to make video but you can see my skills  by confronting me in the game . it will prove it

i will not ban evade by using other account so please unban me fast so i can enjoy again


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