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[UC] APPLY Savke7852

What is your In-Game name ? :  Savke7852

Do you have multiple accounts ? : No

What does UC stand for ? : United Crime Family

Who is UC's Founder ? :  [UC] Griffin 

Who is UC's Leader ? : [UC] Godzilla

Who is UC's Underboss ? : [UC] Souken aka ultrainstict.

Name a few of UC members :

- [UC] Starvla

- [UC] Lilddidy

- [UC] Lexus

Name at least 3 Server Admins :

- Barney

- Joker

- Space

Where are you from ? : Serbia

What is your native languange ? : Serbian

How old are you ? : 18

What is your gender? [Male/Female] : Male

Do u have Discord or Whatsapp ? : Yes 

What's your daily activity ? [hour/s] :  It depends but i think 3-4 hours.

How long have you been playing SAMP ? : I played in the past on server named Gang Wars DM and on LSW too but i started recently to play again.

Since when do you play in Los Santos Street Wars ? : Since 2017 but i went on a big pause. 

Why do you want to join the clan ? : I want to join clan because i like some people from UC that are friendly and i want to play with them in team. I like the atmosphere when we are going to capture some territories and i like skins too. 

Why should we accept you ? [50 words] : Im funny, sometimes a bit lazy guy but when you meet me you will see that im actually a good person. I like to play samp in my free time and i really enjoy playing it. I want to have some role in clan and make it better for new players and players that are already in clan. 

Explain in your words about our 4 clan rules :

- We can't cheat and use hacks which is also a rule of server.

- We can't insult, be racist, and we need to have respect for all players not only for UC members which is a good human thing.

- We can't spam and flood on server or any social media because there are players who want to chat too.

- We need to tell if we will be inactive for couple of days or some so players will know what is with us and they will have respect.

Have you been banned in the past ? [If yes, for what?] : No

Post a screenshot of your game stats (/stats) :


Post a screenshot of your strict warns (/mywarns) : 


Do you have headphones and mic and if yes, are you willing to talk with other clan members ? : Yes of course.

You must duel with UC Members when they ask for it. Do you agree to do so ? : Yes

What will you do if someone is using [UC] Tag ? [He/she isn't U.C Clan Members] : I will ask him to change it nicely and i will report him to admin if he don't change it.

If u has been accepted, what will be your name ? :  [UC] Savke7852



Rate yourself using: Bad, Regular, Good or Excellent :

Deagle :  Regular

Combat shotgun : Good

M4 : Excellent

Sniper : Regular

cBug Good

English: Good



Everything I have filled in has been carried out truthfully. [Yes/No] :  Yes

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Well, in my opinions players that want to join the clan are suppoes to play a little with clan mebers, i didnt see you in the game or myb wasnt paying attention so i will be neutral on this. Good luck m8 🙂

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