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Merger - Los Santos Gang Wars & Los Santos Street Wars

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Dear players,

LS-GW , LS-SW, for the most part, has been allies and on good terms since 2011. After discussing the future of SA-MP and both communities we have decided to merge both communities  Los Santos Street Wars and Los Santos Gang Wars. We welcome all the members of Los Santos Gang Wars community.

What will be changed / Terms:

- Major Update

  - LS-SW gamemode and LSGW gamemode will be merged to make a new update of LS-SW which includes the (important) features of both gamemodes.

- New Owner and Developer

  - the former Co-Owner/Developer of LS-SW LuiisRubio aka theycallmelu and current Owner/Developer of LS-GW will be joining LS-SW again, but now as Owner/Developer and he will lead and work on the future updates.

- Invitation to the Staff Personnel

  - (active) LS-GW staff members are invited to join the staff personnel of LS-SW.


- Player Profiles

  - Unfortunately the player stats of LS-GW will not be transferred to LS-SW. However we are offering 1 month FREE VIP  to the  VIPS of LS-GW (pm me your ls-gw username)


We hope for great cooperation between both communities!


(terms are subjected to change)



Founder / Owner

Los Santos Street Wars

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