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[Support] Ban related

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Nick: Fat_Vegan

Issue: ban for aimbot when not using aimbot (it'd be like being


Hello. Admin [BR]Dorit00z banned me for aimbot. But I don't use this kind of cheat (I hate cheats to be honest). Considering that the person seems to ignore my ban appeal and also considering that he/she banned me for a false reason I think contacting other admins is the only way left... Can't deal with someone who decided to abuse of their authoriy unfairly after all. Could you do something? I simply shot 2 or 3 guys with M4 using no scope (just left click to have no spread/recoil or what ever it's called) and this person thought it was an aimbot. Geez...


Hope other admins less biaised than this one...


You're the only good TDM server active on SA-MP.... Las Venturas is down like half of the time and c-bug isn't allowed and Partyserver became totally broing.

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