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NOTE: Before I start I would like to apologize to everyone for what I have done. It was very immature of me to make another account and try to join this unique clan the easy way. I just want to start over and for you guys to give me another chance.

What is your IG (In game name): Grapes

What is the definition of "BR"? : Black Revenge

Who is BR's Godfather? : Faqahat

Who is BR's Boss? : Joker

Will you be loyal to BR?: Yes

Name at least 5 BR members (excluding Godfather and Boss):

Name at Least 3 Staff members : Godzilla, Joker, Blacky

How old are you : 17

What is your gender ? [male, female]?: Male

How long have you been playing samp?: 3 years

How long have you been playing LS-SW?: 1 year and some weeks

Why do you want to join the BR clan [ 50 Words at least] : TBH I like the members apart of this clan, skillful, mature and respectful members...I would like to be apart of this clan bcz its one of the best clans in LS SW

Name a few reasons, why we should accept you [ 50 Words at Least] : I know in the past I fucked up, but I just would like for you to accept me or even give me a chance to join the clan bcz I am actually a very mature and respectful person...I also come with great skills

How did you find our server? : Youtube

Explain to us in your own words, the 4 Black Revenge Family rules : No disrespect to higher BR's, Follow server rules, No racism, No illegal mods                 

Is there a way to communicate with you outside of the server? If yes, post your username [Discord,Skype,Facebook,Email] : Discord: Smo𝔎eή🌹#0839

Where are you from? : Trinidad

What will you do if there is a cheater online, and admins are offline?: Record and upload video on youtube and forum

What is your daily activity on the server? [Per Day] : 1 hour

Do you cbug? If yes, for how long? : I can but its not that great 

Complete the sentences below :

(1) BR is the Grey colored gang in the server.

(2) Danny didn't complete the assignment.

(3) My friend's names are  Jimmy, Drake, and Ron.

(4) I have been playing in LS-SW for 1 Months/Years.


Which languages can you speak?: English

Have you got banned from the server in the past? If yes, what for? : No

Post a screenshot of your game stats (imgur.com): 

Post a screenshot of your strict warnings (/mywarns) :  none

You must duel at least 2 BR members and have proof of doing so. As well, you will duel any other BR member who requests it at least once. Do you agree?: Yes


Do you have any experience/knowledge in the following? :

(1) Photoshop: 0 /10

(2) Video making (Sony vegas, fraps): 5/10


Note: By Posting this application you are AWARE that once accepted you are on Trial Probation for 1 month. Breaking any rules during this time will lead to a direct kick from BR.



SMG: 7 /10
Desert Eagle: 8 /10
Combat shotgun: 9 /10
Shotgun: 8 /10
M4: 8 /10
Sniper: 7 /10

C Bug: 5 /10

Reading: 10 /10
Writing: 10/10
Talking: 10 /10

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