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Admin Application by [E.N.D]GamerFox

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     Hello I'd like to apply as an admin in your server but before that I will introduce myself first to you guys. My real name is Kevin ABCD S. Fallorina you can call me ABCD, very unique name lol. I am from Philippines and I like playing GTA a lot I am 13years old. My hobbies are playing games, helping people and having fun. I want to be an admin in Los Santos Street Wars because base on my experience, some players are abusing or not following rules, they are using hacks, bug abuse and many more bad habits. I want to help the server free from all of hackers so that the server will have an equality, liberty and fraternity.

     I also want to thank Raider. for helping me and encouraging me to join the admin. Thank you very much. Lastly, I want to have fun with you guys see ya in the server and HAVE FUN 😄

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Good to see you interested in joining the staff team, but you can't except to be accepted by making a single application that isn't even well done. 

I suggest you to take a look at the following topic: https://forum.ls-sw.net/index.php?/topic/6772-staff-application-application-guideline/  in order to get enough information in case you decide to try applying again in the future. 

My vote is negative. Good luck.

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