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Forum Rules [MUST READ]

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These are the official rules of the Forums. By using our Forums, you are automatically agreeing to these rules. Violation of any rule, whether it be on purpose or not, will result in a punishment depending on the case/rule.

Important Notes

 You MUST consult with an Administrator or Forum Administrator/Moderator about ANY rule which is either, not clear to you or you don't understand.

 All the rules are STRICT, APPLIED (to all the members; whether it be an admin, VIP, member, clan member, or player) and are MUST TO FOLLOW.

• All the rules marked with a Yellow Circle [  ] means a Forum Warning will be given on their violation.
• All the rules marked with a Red Circle [  ] means an instant punishment will be given (depending on the case/rule/action) on their violation.

• The maximum Forum Warnings limit is 5. After that, a temporary ban might be given. Multiple (2-3) temporary bans might also result in a permanent ban from the Forums.

 ANY member found violating ANY rule will be punished depending on the case/rule (see above for more information).

• If you come across or find any rule-breaking post or topic, use the Report post option to report it to the Forum Administrators/Moderators.


1. You are NOT ALLOWED to make ANY topic or post that shows hate, insult, disrespect, flame, provoke, rudeness, or vulgarity towards ANY member of the Forums (whether it be an admin or player). 

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to make ANY topic or post that contains copyrighted content, except for GTA: SA or SA-MP related contents ONLY

3. You are NOT ALLOWED to make ANY topic or post that contains, discuss/talk about (including even how to obtain them), or even share ANY pirated, illegal, or warez (software/game cracks, etc.) content, no exception whatsoever.

[This rule also applies to ANY KIND of illegal mod, cheat, cleo, script, etc.

4. You are NOT ALLOWED to make ANY topic or post that contains ANY offensive, shocking, or pornographic content (of ANY media/format).

However, content containing any sexual pose/act of a person may be posted, BUT the private parts of the body MUST be covered. (Example for shocking content may include a person being killed/hurt or ANY other intensively disturbing content.)

[This rule also applies to the avatar/profile picture AND signature.

5. You are NOT ALLOWED to double post or make ANY topic which is already posted before (that is, a topic that is similar/same/duplicate).

If you need to add, remove or change anything in your original post, use the Edit option for that.
However, bumping ANY topic or making a double post is ONLY allowed after 24 hours of your original post (considering that there was no reply given after your original post, and in order to notify of your original post/topic). 


6. You are NOT ALLOWED to share your account or its password with anyone else, except ONLY if an Administrator or Forum Administrator/Moderator has required/asked in technical issue cases

7. You are NOT ALLOWED to make ANY topic or post that contains ANY sensitive discussion/information regarding accounts or their passwords.

[This rule also applies to personal/private information of the user, except ONLY where it was necessarily required (such as donation proofs, etc.).

8. You are NOT ALLOWED to make multiple accounts.

If you want to change your name or password, do so from the Accounts Settings. If, for some reasons, you can't change your account name or password, contact an Administrator or Forum Administrator/Moderator, or make a Support thread regarding that. 


9. You are NOT ALLOWED to make ANY topic or post in ANY foreign language; the primary and ONLY language allowed on this Forum is English.

There is a Foreign Languages section on the Forum, use that in case if you need or want to. 


10. You are NOT ALLOWED to advertise, post the link/IP Address of, or talk/discuss about ANY OTHER SERVER/GAME (or its website) or ANY KIND of real life advertisement. 

11. You are NOT ALLOWED to bump old topics. [Older topics are those which are inactive (left alone/last reply given) for more than 30 days.]

Specifically for intro/goodbye threads, they are considered to be old after 15 days (of no reply/activity on them). 


12. You are NOT ALLOWED to backseat moderate (that is, members who are not admins/moderators try to enforce the rules and/or interpret them). 

13. You are NOT ALLOWED to copy/paste others' topics or posts (means, the content/text of their posts/topics in order to pretend as you originally made/wrote them). 

14. You are NOT ALLOWED to use ANY avatar or signature which is too large (lengthy). Especially for signatures, keep a decent amount of content (DO NOT make the signature too long with images, videos, texts, etc.). 

15. You are NOT ALLOWED to use improper topic titles (that is, titles containing ALL CAPS, excessive punctuations (!!!!), too short or too long titles, titles entitled as "help" or "request", etc.).

Generally, it is recommended to always use an informative (but concise) and clear thread title. Threads entitled as "help" or "request" do not give potential readers very much information. 


16. You are NOT ALLOWED to impersonate (ANY admin, member or player). 

17. You are NOT ALLOWED to make ANY KIND of post in ANY topic which is not related to you (Examples of such topics are admin and clan applications, support threads, bug reports, ban appeals, etc.).

The ONLY exception on this rule is that when you have some kind of necessarily required information (such as proofs against a member or player of his rule-breaking, more information about a reported bug and similar), in that case, you may post. 


18. You are NOT ALLOWED to make ANY useless, nonsensical, or pointless topic or post. (Rather, use common sense here as what, when and where to post.

19. You are NOT ALLOWED to discuss ANYTHING related to religion, culture, or politics. 

20. You are NOT ALLOWED to flood/spam the same report multiple times (that is, reporting the same post or topic multiple times). 

Originally written by: Ryan
The permission to modify or update it was given by the Server Manager, Joker.

Last Updated: 26th Dec, 2017

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2 rules added.



- Those rules apply apply to every GPB, BR, BOD, Admin and VIP. Does not matter which Level you are, or how long you are playing here. Rules are rules.#


- Breaking any of this rules multiple times leads to a 1week ban + reset of post count (posts will be resetted to 0 for the affected user). If the user shall continue even after 1week ban+reset, then it will lead to a total permanent ban from forums and server.#


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