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What is your IG (In game name): ryull

What is the definition of "BR"? :Black Revenge

Who is BR's Godfather? :Faqahat 

Who is BR's Boss? :Joker

Will you be loyal to BR?:ofc

Name at least 5 BR members (excluding Godfather and Boss):souken - haze - herc - testerinho - zekken.

Name at Least 3 Staff members :Insca - perkys - Deadpool - taduu

How old are you :21

What is your gender ? [male, female]?:Male

How long have you been playing samp?: Im kinda new, i was playing mta

How long have you been playing LS-SW?:1 month

Why do you want to join the BR clan [ 50 Words at least] :I like them alot, they are friendly and i want to be a part of this family, and its my first application and i want it to be BR

Name a few reasons, why we should accept you [ 50 Words at Least] :Actually im not a really good player.Im a man  Little bit skilled and i can guarantee you that im very friendly. I dont want a clan, im searching a family that helps eachother)

 How did you find our server? :coincidence

Explain to us in your own words, the 4 Black Revenge Family rules :Be respectful to everyone. Dont use cheats. Obey the server rules. Report players using Fake BR tag.

Is there a way to communicate with you outside of the server? If yes, post your username [Discord,Skype,Facebook,Email] : ryull#0360 dc - (i can give my WP&Telegram and my social media links)

Where are you from? : Turkey

What will you do if there is a cheater online, and admins are offline?: Usually im calling admins from discord, and they are coming to ban cheaters.

What is your daily activity on the server? [Per Day] : up to 1-6 hours.

Do you cbug? If yes, for how long? : 5 years in MTA (tapl and others) and samp is complicated i cant give u time)

Complete the sentences below :

(1) BR is the gray colored gang in the server.

(2) Danny didn't complete his assignment.

(3) My friend's names are Jimmy, Drake, and Ron.

(4) I have been played in LS-SW for 1 Month.


Which languages can you speak?:My own(turkish). English, and i understand little bit of russkii

Have you got banned from the server in the past? If yes, what for? :No

Post a screenshot of your game stats (imgur.com):Ryull's Stats&warns

Post a screenshot of your strict warnings (/mywarns) : Ryull's Stats&warns

You must duel at least 2 BR members and have proof of doing so. As well, you will duel any other BR member who requests it at least once. Do you agree? I do


Do you have any experience/knowledge in the following? :

(1) Photoshop: 0 /10

(2) Video making (Sony vegas, fraps): 0 /10


Note: By Posting this application you are AWARE that once accepted you are on Trial Probation for 1 month. Breaking any rules during this time will lead to a direct kick from BR.



                            SMG: 8 /10(Not using too much)
Desert Eagle: 7 /10
Combat shotgun: 7 /10
Shotgun: 7 /10
                           M4: 5 /10(not using too much)
Sniper: 7 /10

C Bug: 6 /10

Reading: 8 /10
Writing: 8 /10
Talking: 5 /10

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14 hours ago, SpaceOG said:

-1 not skilled enough and most of the time your only dbing players, improve and ill change my vote 

Thank you for your vote. You can be sure that i will try my best to improve you!

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4 hours ago, [BR]Ale_. said:

Find me ig and send me duels, I want to see your skills and behavior, pending for now...

dude we already duelled in game, just reminding. If you want to duel again i will find you in game. Thanks in advance.

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