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Admin Rules.

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       These rules are automatically applied to all the new and current admins.

  1. If you are caught breaking a server rule your rank will be removed and appropriate action will be taken.
  2. You will not use any admin feature to your advantage or abuse any feature, command, power, or use them to facilitate your friends. ( e.g. using /get to play with them ).
  3. You will always help players with their issues, queries. If you have any problem dealing with the problem/report or you don't have enough authority, access to deal with that situation you must forward it to a higher level admin or ask for help.
  4. Your actions must always be unbiased.
  5. You will review all server rules and learn the punishments for each type of rule.
  6. If you are inactive for a long time your level will be removed.
  7. If you are unsure or uncertain always discuss it with other admins before making a decision.
  8. You will be active in the game, forum, U.C.P., and discord server. However, if you cant be active you must inform the director or owners / co-owner about it before head with the estimated time.
  9. You are obliged to respond to the ban appeals of players who were banned by you within the 24 - 48 hours of the appeal. if you are unable to you must inform the bans manager.
  10. You will never ask for the promotion yourself or ask when you will be promoted. If you have enough responsibilities in a team you might not be promoted from that position since the higher the rank the more responsibilities.
  11. If we notice that you are not able to handle the responsibilities that come with your level or are assigned to you you might be demoted to a lower level. You may also request to be demoted or have responsibilities stripped away if you think you have too much on your plate.
  12. You will not ignore any reports and won't complain about dealing with reports. since its what you are signing up for.
  13. You will always respect your fellow admins.
  14. Toxic attitude is not tolerated and can result in demotion.
  15. You understand that each level has certain authority in actions and decision making which is always higher than admins of a lower level. Higher-level with specific jobs may overrule decisions or actions taken by lower-level admins.
  16. You will respect ranks, their authority, and decisions. Higher-level admins are not answerable for their actions to lower-level admins even if you disagree or are not happy with the decision or action you must respect their decisions but you can report unfair actions to the director of admins or owner.
  17. You can be removed from the admin team or demoted to a lower level for any reason with or without any explanation.
  18. You will work together with other admins and try to get along with others despite your issues with them.
  19. You will always respect and act on the orders of higher-level admins.
  20. Level 1 , 2 Admins have to request bans from higher-level admins only if they have valid proofs.
  21. You should have a proof for every ban, ban request before banning the player and must have the proof for at least 10 days unless told otherwise.
  22. You must respect all players including cheaters and take necessary actions against rule-breaking players.
  23. Conspiring against the community, admins, servers will result in immediate termination or ban.
  24. Facilitating a hacker, banned members in the community is not allowed unless told to do so.
  25. All the information about admin activity, hackers, or any other information shared within admin discussions is confidential.
  26. In case of issues within the admin team quarrel, conflicts in decision both parties have to listen to the higher-level admin's decision any kind of quarrels, fights will not be tolerated and both or either party will be suspended or terminated from the duty.
  27. If you have a report against a fellow admin you must report it to the director of admins or owners.
  28. These rules might change or more can be added at any point.

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