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Recruitment Application Format

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Note: If you make application without reading BR's Code of Conduct and BR's Introduction your application will be rejected instantly. Do not copy this format or anyone's  app. Only apps using this format will be considered. Do not ask members to vote on your app personally. Keep your application updated, (stats / add new content etc). Be very patient it might take 3 - 4 weeks for your application to be processed. In this period be active, interact with other BR members improve your stats.   After you make your application you are expected to improve your stats if you go inactive after making your app or your stats are not updated or improved since the date of your application your application will be rejected.



Subject / Title: Your_IG_Name  - BR Application

Paragraph 1: In this paragraph, you have to explain yourself in your own words, your paragraph must contain your in-game name, languages you speak, discord username, age, gender, country and how long you have been playing SA:MP and LS:SW. Also mention your previous community ( if any ) and your role and experience in them. Also mention if you have any special qualities like coding, graphic design, marketing, video editing, etc.

Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, you have to explain your game skills and activity. Rate your specific weapon skills (e.g. Deagle 7/10) and usage like c-bug etc. Also mention your favorite activities while you are playing.

Paragraph 3:  In this paragraph, you have to explain any bans, warnings you have received in the server (if any). Your relations with current BR members. You also have to upload a screenshot of your /stats (use imgur.com). Mention when you dueled any BR member? if yes how did it go?.

Paragraph 4: In this, you have to explain why you apply for BR and if someone refereed you mention their IG-Name. What do you think of BR, and try to explain the theme of the clan in your own words.

Attachments: Game Play Video (recommended), Screenshot of /stats (required).

Tips: Be creative and honest in your application it doesn't need to be in perfect grammar however it should be understandable if you do not speak English use google translator to translate your application in English, You  can format your application to make it more appealing or presentable. If you have any problem creating the app you can message any BR member or me and ask for help however use your own words. You can also read previously accepted applications to get an idea but copy-pasting is not allowed. There is no minimum or maximum limitation to the number of words you have to use but you have to be as descriptive as possible so that members can understand your point and vote you. We expect you to respect every vote (positive and negative) and the final decision on your application. If you are rejected you can apply again in 60 days or more unless told otherwise. If you are accepted you will be an associate for 30 days in which we will observe you and give you time to get familiar with our other members and operations. If you are ever caught breaking any server rule or BR code you will be kicked. If you attach a video of your game-play, frag movie it will drastically increase your chances of being accepted.






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