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BR Application - Yukihisa.

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Paragraph 1: Good day,afternoon or night my name in the server is Yukihisa. I have been playing samp more than 4 years, in lssw i have been playing recently due to i was banned.The comunity which i was part is called guerra de pandillas  i learned a lot of things in that server and i was administrator but actually it is closed/off, actually i have 18 years old i live in Perú and i speak portuguese/spanish/english.

-Gender: Male

-Discord: Hypnos#5381

Paragraph 2: Well i guess that my skills with slow weapons are my specialty.

My qualification with the weapons are:

-Deagle 10/10

-Sniper 8/10

-Shotgun 10/10

-M4 7/10

-Spas 9/10

-Rifle 6/10

I play in this sv like 2/3 hours and i always use the cbug almost all the time i do it correctly.

Cbug: 10/10

Paragraph 3: My ban was sprinthook but the ban was wrong due to the admin souken because i showed that i was playing legit, i evaded ban for error but i already ask for apologize and actually im unbanned, i dont know all the members of the clan but the members i know are my friends and there is only one which i dont have a good relationship.I didnt duel with any br member for now.

Stats: https://imgur.com/a/rftGBh4

Paragraph 4:  I want to join the clan because there are my friends and it seems a good clan for me, my friend called Aeon told me to apply.

My opinion about BR: It seems a very good clan for me,its like some type of mafia and organizated,because the members of the clan helps each others and the clan have a hierarchy(ranges) honestly it seems very good for me also they got a good hq,for what i understand the clan its about a criminal family which got their own rules to allow their attacks to turfs, there is not discrimination in the clan and the members are very respectfuls, they protect a lot their reputation and honor.

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClfTiPItQQw



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On 6/12/2020 at 8:51 AM, Descontrol said:

Your ban was legit and you can't prove otherwise. 

- Ex hacker and evader.

- Toxic player.



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Met you,played with you.

Okay guy, doesn't really talk a lot maybe because of weak in English Language.

Skills are good but could be better

But I think I want to interact with you more, I hope you are trying to better up your English skills



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