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Paragraph 1: Hello, my nickname in the game is Evaga i Speak Indonesia and English
Gender: male
My country Indonesia
Age: 19
My discord; Evaga#9219

I have been playing samp like 4-5 years and i started playing lssw for long time and i was inactive for some month and coming back again for playing.This my first time for joining community,and im not good at like coding or something all. But i think i can learning it some like editing 

Paragraph 2:

My skills for playing only Deagle,Shotgun and Sniper,i never using another weapon and maybe my rated for deagle 8.5/10 shotgun rated 8/10 and sniper rated 9/10
I love playing sniper like long shoot also playing on arena.


Paragraph 3:

Well i was got first ban in this server with reason proxy ip cuz,i was dont know on this server vpn is dissalowed.Also Some BR member so friendly with me and i was dueling some member but not only in /duel like i duel on open world or arena

Paragraph 4:

This clan so skilled and friendly,i hope i can be good at this community

STATS: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/702479068968255568/724343234276491395/unknown.png


PS: Im sorry if my english so bad but i can learning what i can do but if u talking with me,maybe i understand what r u saying to me cuz im jst bad for writing it. And maybe i jst show my old clip to you guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-Y0H3Dz7pc And im sorry for doing mistake u can dm me from discord if u need more information

Thank you

Edited by Evaga
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