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skyreed'BR app

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Paragraph 1: Hi, I am skyreed (this is my in-game name also), I can speak Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian (Balkan languages), and English (which is not that good). I'm a male, 15 years old. I come from Croatia. I play samp for 2-3 years not sure (I play here that much too because I started here). I didn't play in any other community that much, I am usually here. I know a little bit about editing videos.

Paragrahp 2: Deagle: 7/10 

Shotgun: 8/10

M4:  8/10 


Sniper: 7/10 

My favourite weapons are deagle and sniper, I like to play with them.

Paragraph 3: I didn't have any bans or warns. I have a lot of friends in BR. I had duels with BR members, sometimes I get lucky and barely win.  

Stats: https://imgur.com/a/xQMADeU

Paragraph 4: I want to join BR because I like members and I have a lot of friends in it. Seems like a special clan.

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I remember we hanged out a few times and you seem to be friendly and skilled too. Even so, i want to duel you so remind me that when you see me in-game.

Also, you could improve your application a little bit more.


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