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An Armour Spot

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Hello Everyone,

                         We all are aware that there are only 3 ways to get armour. One: From our Spawn Base. Second: From /shop.Third: When you kill and as a bonus your health and armour refills slightly.

I think we need an armour spot like we have those health spots at hospitals, which make players run towards hospitals when they cannot buy it from shop and are on a spree. I think there should be a place where you can go and get armour just like those healths, half armour, so that players can like go away from their sniping spots or their camping spots.

I thought about the armour placement. Definitely it should be far away from every Headquarters but should be in Los Santos.

These are my suggestion spots.


These are not near any headquarters, and of course on any one of these places there will be an armour(half).

What do you guys think about this suggestion? Will this help players to go on a better spree? Will this make stop camping because they need an armour?

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13 hours ago, Smoken said:

+1, but there should be like a 5 minute cool down.. or else it may be abused

Yeah thats good too, thats why I suggested some far away spots.

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how will it stop campers? Encourage them to move to a place to get armour back and go back to camping?

What about clan members who will stack as 5 on armour truck go around the city to kill and when they are low refill so they are basically unkillable?

What about the new players who don't know about the feature/can't even get to it without being killed?


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Souken it will help to stop campers because they will move from their camping stop and as they do that will be the time to get them. Else you know we already can get them by going with Maverick.

The cars with 5 members, being unkillable ? Well they should be unkillable, those poor noobs team up and use that vehicle and still we take that Tank rancher and those 5 members out in 5v1 battle?

Its not good, it will be better if they will be a bit unkillable because then to defeat them people will have to gather 5 people in their team so it can be a fair 5v5 battle. Or else people like hazee,herc,you,me,mourad,etc. We can kill those 5 members alone(which isnot fair for them)

New players will learn that how to survive, their team members or admins should help them that where they can find an emergency Health or armour if they r low.

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3 hours ago, MouradAFCA said:

As long as it's not too close (like the hospital) I don't see any reason not to. If its not a short drive, then its a nice addition.


I agree +1

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It will benefit only cbuggers.

Groves players will never get to that point of getting extra armour cz they get instakilled unless they are 90%of the server and team up 20 on a car which means if they get the extra armour its bad for the server.

Campers will get low hp but they wont have a vehicle to get to the armor location so theyll have to get one get the armour then go to their base and take the maverick to be able to camp again. Why all that when they can just kill themselves. And save 5min

How I will benefit from it(and cbuggers in general) :

i kill 30 ppl around grove but am now 40hp

I refill hp using the pepsi machine and then drive to the armor spot then drive back and am now 30kills spree and 150hp 

I kill 19 more people and go take the armour again

kill 1 more and i get even more armour

now I can just repeat it till 100 spree



people who will benefit even more: gob and br guys who snipe grove onfoot and the guys who even use camoflauge for that

or gpbs who take the armour car to farm kills spree

So this suggestion is not to counter campers but to buff cbuggers lel


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it could be used in hospitals as the health recharge currently + it would add a time of 3 min between each recharge..
100% health
50% armour

Idk I just saying

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8 hours ago, Souken. said:

Solo beneficiará a los cbuggers.

Los jugadores de Groves nunca llegarán a ese punto de obtener armadura adicional, ya que se les mata a menos que sean el 90% del servidor y formen un equipo 20 en un automóvil, lo que significa que si obtienen la armadura adicional es malo para el servidor.

Los campistas obtendrán poca HP, pero no tendrán un vehículo para llegar a la ubicación de la armadura, por lo que tendrán que obtener uno para obtener la armadura y luego ir a su base y tomar el disidente para poder acampar nuevamente. ¿Por qué todo eso cuando pueden suicidarse? Y ahorra 5 minutos

Cómo me beneficiaré de esto (y cbuggers en general) :

mato a 30 personas alrededor de Grove pero ahora tengo 40 CV

Recargo hp usando la máquina Pepsi y luego conduzco hasta el punto de la armadura, luego conduzco de regreso y ahora tengo una juerga de 30kills y 150hp 

Mato a 19 personas más y tomo la armadura nuevamente

mato 1 más y consigo aún más armadura

ahora puedo repetirlo hasta 100 juergas



las personas que se beneficiarán aún más: chicos que se meten en el bosque a pie y los que incluso usan camoflauge para eso

o gpbs que llevan el coche blindado a la granja matan juerga

Entonces, esta sugerencia no es para contrarrestar a los campistas, sino para mejorar los cbuggers lel



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