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[DENIED] Mr.Mazn's GPB Application

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(MaZeN0)'s [GPBApplication]


What is your In-game Name?: MaZeN0

What does GPB stand for?: Glen Park Bloods

Who is the GPB Leader?: [GPB]Barney 

Who is the GPB Co-Leader?:  There is Not A Co Leader

Name one of the GPB Founders: [GPBMister_Oui

Name at least 1 GPB Captain: [GPB]ChaPu

Name at least 5 GPB members you are familiar with (excluding Leader, Co-Leader & Captains):
- [GPB]DeadPooL
- [GPB]perkys
- [GPB]muli
- [GPB]DeadShot


How old are you?:18


Are you a male or a female?: Male


Where are you from?: Egypt/Giza


What should you do if a GPB Captain called in a regroup?: And now the captain is probably Rydnig


What happens when a GPB Member gets 3 Write-ups?:  When GPB members Get 3 warns he is kicked


Tell us some GPB rules:
1. You must not ask the clan members for any (positive) votes.
2. You must write the application yourself. Do not copy/paste from others' applications.
3. If you were denied recently when applying for any clan (including GPB, BR), you must wait for at least 2 weeks (from the time of denial) before applying again.
4. You must remain active in the server on a periodic basis (at least 1 or 2 hours per day).

What's your Discord? [No Discord no Accept]: 𝓜𝓪乙n卐#9018


What would you do if you saw someone using the [GPB] tag while no administrators online? [This person is not a member of GPB]: Will report Him On UCP


What's your daily activity on the server[Per Day]?: 5 Hours Per Day


Do you use C-bug? [Yes/No]: Yes


Tell us why you want to join us [50 Words]: To Get a New Members SHIP. i Just Love Glen Park Bloods Family and Respect All Players Of Clan.  Thank You For Respect my Opinion.


Tell us why should we accept you [50 Words]: Iam Behaviour. Have a Good Skills. Iam Friendlly. can Talk English&Arabic. i  Love Glen Park Bloods.


How long have you been playing on our server for?: Since 2017


You must duel [GPB]perKys or [GPB]K4i$eR to be accepted. Do you you agree? [Yes/No]: Yes


You must Vote on GPB Applications on forums or else you'll be warned. Do you agree? [Yes/No]: Yes


Please show us a screenshot of your stats on the server [/stats]:

Please show us a screenshot of your account warnings [/mywarns]:


If you are accepted, you'll be on a 1 month trial propation. Notice that the Leaders can kick you if you do not follow the Clan Rules. Do you Agree? [Yes/No]: Yes

Rate Yourself on a scale from 0 to 10:
Desert Eagle:
10 /10
Shotgun:  8/10
Sniper: 8/10
M4: 5/10
C-Bug: 9/10

Rate your english on a scale from 0 to 10.

Speaking: 7/10
Reading:  8/10
Writing:   8/10


Which weapons are you really good at? (except the weapon mentioned in previous question): Desert Eagle


What would you like your name to be if you got accepted into our clan?[With GPB tag]: [GPB]MaZeN


Anything Else You want to share with us? No Thanks




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20 minutes ago, Ryder Nigga said:

- We dont need those who only seek tag

- I dont like your behavior

- you put zero effort in your application

- bad reputation

- you dont even know a quarter of our members 



lol man iam so old in LS_SW you can ask you clan Owner Ik HALF of you`r Clan
And you dont my friend to Like or not like my behavior and we dont speak with us for Once ❤️
Anyway if that reject nexttime will Improve all Things ❤️  thx bro❤️


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I apologize for inconveniencing everyone. When I am ready to submit my application,I will do so,
but some members who voted I did not see them on the server  so Close My Application <3


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