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BR Apply - Pedro_TheKinG

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Paragraph 1:  Hi Fellas, my real name is Pedro (Lol), i'm 18 and i'm from Brazil. I can speak portuguese and a basic of english. I started playing SA-MP in 2011, and training cbug since 2014, im only played RP Brazilians servers, but in 2017 i play LS-SW with another account i dont remind hehe, 
 Discord: blend#7538

Paragraph 2: I play this game a lot, I know every little thing about it, not just about the map but about various techniques that exist.

Deagle 9/10
Shotgun 8/10
Sniper 8/10
M4 ??/10
SMG ??/10
CBug 9/10
Litefoot 8/10

Paragraph 3: I have been banned 2 times by aimbot and he we are, unbanned, and legit player, i talk to someone members, like eclipse, Uruk and Escapito 😄

Paragraph 4: I want to join because the clan have a good players, and i want to make part of this family, 
I am loyal like any other clan I entered in the past (Syndicate which ended)

Attachments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR7W7iAQSKQ
i dont have actual gameplays cuz my pc is a shit, if want to see, i recommend to visit my lowkey profile 🙂

/Stats Pedro_TheKinG: https://i.imgur.com/ZahgqNj.png

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never played with you , but saw your ban appeals , greats skills 
but my vote will be PENDING for now,

- need to check your activity

  (i am inactive nowadays , my vote will be same as descontrol )


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