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GUIDE: How to change your Forum Display Name

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Well, so i saw few topics about forum name change request. I think no one have really explored around the new forum settings so i'll just post this here


In this new forum, you don't have to request for forum name change, the server has a feature to change your display name without admin doing it for you. However it is limited, you can only change your name 3 times in a month, if you have hit the limit, then you may request a forum name change from admins (Must have a reason).


To access this feature, simply click on the downside arrow beside your profile name, then hit My Settings



After that, find the Display Name tab, there will be 2 form there where you type the name you want and your current password





Please note that abuse of this feature may lead to forum warning or even ban. For example changing your name to troll people is not allowed.

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